By CoCo / Saturday 22 November 2008 04:03 / France
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By  csigabajnok  |  0

I'm amazed that nobody's surprised by the fact that men were DESIGNED to come asap, for evolutionary reasons and nowadays they're forced to counter the effects of, like, uncountable years of physiological development in a few decades. I sometimes think how women would react to the phrase "Don't come yet!" or "Hold it back!" during sex. I mean no offense, but I always think about this whenever I come across such situations. peace!

  missbadluk  |  0

This comment is stupid because theres A LOT of things us humans were "designed for" that are not played out these days. I mean the list would be LONG. Females "typically" don't climax as quick so we want a guy to hold off for a tad longer so we can ENJOY it just as much. Way to be selfish.

  hexblot  |  10

I then assume you only have sex for reproduction ? OP: she cared enough to try to find a solution instead of a replacement -- that's generally considered a good thing.

  dacooliest  |  16

Well when we orgasm, it doesn't get you pregnant. Plus, we just get even more wet, most guys become soft after. There are just a lot of reasons why reversing the situation doesn't make sense.

  iloverere18  |  0

no dip sure lock

By  dantheman_fml  |  0

not ur fault man, its not that ur too quick its just that shes slow. u got off and she didnt just be happy its not the other way around and ur walking around with blue balls

  samimcCune  |  15

a hard anal pounding...with desensitizing condoms...with your significant other...doesn't sound like punishment to me...although very easily could be made into one... ;)

By  liukang_fml  |  0

Turn The Condom Inside Out, Then She Doesn't Make A Sound When You're Attempting To Pleasure Her. Keeps The Family Asleep. Or Do It When She's Sleeping, Then She Doesn't Wake Up. SORTED!

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