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By  csigabajnok  |  0

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  missbadluk  |  0

This comment is stupid because theres A LOT of things us humans were "designed for" that are not played out these days. I mean the list would be LONG. Females "typically" don't climax as quick so we want a guy to hold off for a tad longer so we can ENJOY it just as much. Way to be selfish.

  hexblot  |  10

I then assume you only have sex for reproduction ?
OP: she cared enough to try to find a solution instead of a replacement -- that's generally considered a good thing.

  dacooliest  |  16

Well when we orgasm, it doesn't get you pregnant. Plus, we just get even more wet, most guys become soft after. There are just a lot of reasons why reversing the situation doesn't make sense.

  samimcCune  |  15

a hard anal pounding...with desensitizing condoms...with your significant other...doesn't sound like punishment to me...although very easily could be made into one... ;)

By  liukang_fml  |  0

Turn The Condom Inside Out, Then She Doesn't Make A Sound When You're Attempting To Pleasure Her. Keeps The Family Asleep. Or Do It When She's Sleeping, Then She Doesn't Wake Up. SORTED!