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By bathroomblunder - 07/03/2010 02:38 - Canada

Today, I went to Starbucks to use the bathroom. After I knocked on the door and turned the handle, a little old lady ripped the door open and yelled, "I WAS TAKING A DUMP. YOU WANNA COME IN AND WIPE MY SHIT? DO YOU?!" and then continued to ask me the same question for five minutes. FML
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Quest_ 13

YDI for being one of those people who don't wait for a response after knocking and before entering. Knocking means "Is it okay if I come in?", not "I'M COMING IN NOW!!!"


I don't think anybody would like to wipe another persons ass. Or their shit. That's just plain wrong and has no point to it. Also, she probably woke the occupant of the stall and the woman started asking the question redundantly because she was too lazy to do it herself.

khloe_sophia 3

bahahahahahahahahaha I think this is hilarious. I would laugh my as off if an old lady said that to me. lmao right noww

I don't think that a generalization of the entire human population should ever be used. There is always someone somewhere who wants to do something.

afarr 0

it never even says its the stall, the lady might have been ******** in the sink

snickerdoodle's gingervitus medication must be malfunctioning, she still has red hair any an annoying personality

qzamml 0

Maybe she was hard of hearing, and REALLY wanted you to wipe her. =)

Blondie08_fml 0

ur the ass for standing 5 minutes

I was waiting for someone to say that, Blondie. Unless she was using an adjacent stall and the woman kept shouting, she should've just left and found another wc.

Why would you stand there for 5 mins? Just put a bunch of heavy shit in front of the door and tape a sign to it saying "this bathroom is out if order"

GeoThermalSleuth 0

... I would've fled Starbucks. I don't think I could stand there next to a lady asking me questions ... Like that, without enduring a series of Painful Mental Scars. Seriously why did you stand their and listen to that for 5 minutes?

ydi for not answering her question

applz_fml 0
153rdTrooper 0

Maybe five mins. was an exaggeration? it could've been one or two...

Felendris 0

there's no way she/he (I'm not gonna bother looking) stood there for 5 mins taking shit from that old lady. lol. (I think there's a pun... o.o)

You finally said yes and continued to wipe her @$$.

Haha I know ild people that do stuff like this just to mess with people.

u_killed_kenny_ 0

@29 really? who ***** in a sink?

*raises hand* *looks around* *notices everyone staring awkwardly* *slowly puts hand down*

skillz3333 4
NatandAlexrhot 6

I agree with number 20. I'd laugh my ass off if that happened to me.

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YDIoveragain 4

ydi y u need to knock if it locked. obviously someone in there.

love_the_fame 0

Op mentioned that they knocked, and THEN tried the handle. Nothing wrong there to me.

I agree with number 30. i would have just walked away if I were you

¿what was a grandma doing at starbucks?¿Was she hyped on the caffeine?

Quest_ 13

YDI for being one of those people who don't wait for a response after knocking and before entering. Knocking means "Is it okay if I come in?", not "I'M COMING IN NOW!!!"

the old lady opened the door, read more thouroughly next time.

Quest_ 13

The OP began turning the handle initially.

they normally blast music at starbucks, I suspect maybe the OP didn't hear the old hag grunting inside.

I completely agree with Quest. I hate it when people do that.

It's Starbucks, so I'm sure their bathroom has a lock which indicates whether it's occupied or not. So there is no reason whatsoever to annoy the person who is busy wiping her ass, by knocking and trying the handle. The old lady has it right - OP you deserved it, stop being so annoying.

If starbucks has locks on their doors, then the old lady should lock the door, and when op tried to open the door it shouldn't have bothered her at all

I know, right? I was on the toilet once and this guy pulled the handle down. Then he tried again, and then again. If it's not opening someone is obviously in there, ******* idiots.

PedoBearSaysYES 0

yes I first want first to first wipe first your first ass :D lol find the hidden message and u should have just pushed past her and did ur thang

PedoBearSaysYES 0

lol u didn't find it did u

That is indeed the naughtiest name/picture I've seen on the interwebz so far..

ya besides why would she stand there for five minutes while some ole lady yelled at her...

Fake screen name? So "misskity6" is on your birth certificate?

why the **** were u standing there for 5 minutes? were u expecting her to shit out gold?

evi661 0

omg that's fricken hilarious

sometimes the person inside doesn't answer though, and your led to beleive that noone is in their

wow snickerdoodles I just love reading the essays that u write in the comments...

backed. try the men's room next time, maybe a dude will let you shake it off.