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I tried that before, not a smart decision. On the same day there were college representatives touring our school and had some of my cake. I wanted to get into their colleges, but could not due to my foolish behavior.

  zkchild  |  0

@40 I think she's just saying that she gets why he said "oh ya" in his comment. Hes got a picture of the cool aid man and he says oh ya when he jumps through a wall. There's not a lot eles to get from it, but I could be wrong.

  jayrub  |  0

if you don't do anything to be noticed then you will not be noticed. it is completely your fault because you haven't taken the opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and do something or say something worth remembering

  Brandi_Faith  |  33

Agreed!! Just keep bringing food to class! Like muffins and cookies, ect. That will get you noticed at least, then it's up to you to talk them and do the rest! But trust me, food is the way to any mans heart, so you'll definately get guy friends!!

By  valri3  |  0

Well eat all of the cake infront of their faces and make sure they notice when the frosting is on the rims of your lips and your making nom nom nom noises.