By cantgetitupcantgetiton - 14/01/2010 01:02 - United States

Today, I realized that the amount of time it takes my boyfriend to get an erection takes longer than the actual sex. FML
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sounds like a medical problem, or a psychological/psychiatric one. Or he's on antidepressants.

Have you tried sucking his dick before sex ?

In this case, you better hope it takes him a godawful long time getting it up ;D **** both your lives, though ): Hopefully he's not a young guy with ED. That'd suck to go downhill early.

ohh man that sucks, you need a new boyfriend!

OP does not need a new boyfriend just because of that reason. No one likes those shallow people who dumps others because of reasons like that.

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Please do us all a favor 8 and come back from 1950 and into modern times >.>

aww:/ try dressing up in something naughty. you have to keep the sex spark lit