By lpspann87 - United States
Today, like every day, I walked into my office and was greeted by the smell of shit wafting through the air. My lactose intolerant, diabetic coworker won't stop eating Whataburger and milkshakes for breakfast, no matter what his body tells him. FML
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  THE_A_TEEN  |  27

#9 You sound like a complete 8 year old when someone cuts in line for lunchtime. Let me guess, you wanted to be first, but instead someone beats you and you write this, " oh wah, I wanted to be first, but someone beat me, now I will complain, WAAAAAHHHHH". Baby want a bottle, a BIG DIRT BOTTLE?!?!?!

  SirObvious  |  1

Step1: Buy two large chocolate shakes
Step2: Buy nose plugs
Step3: Insert nose plugs
Step4: Give Him the shakes
Step5: Lock the bathroom door
Step6: Watch the fireworks
Step7: He's fired
Step8: janitors hate life
Step9: YOU WIN!

  rallets  |  22

i looked at their website, theres like 500 whattaburgers in florida

i messaged him the link, so thats probably why no one else realized that

  slushpup9696  |  12

I liked her description. *shrugs*

Her huge amount of swagger followed by huge amount of intelligence made me click on her profile. Now I know she hates and loves stupid people.

  leila131  |  0

Lol wow!!:-)aahhhahahaha!!! Ok im under control....ahahahaha i like what one guy said . Shove the damn cork up his ass or tell him there is a pakage in the bath room, then when he goes in lock him in......DENIY EVERYTHING!!!!!;)

  ShroomsOnAcid  |  16

Yes, 141, but America was just this year knocked off the top spot for Fattest Country in the World and not because Americans slimmed down, but because the rest of the world is catching up on the pounds.

  angela3222  |  0

It ticks me off because I know more people who are anorexic or bulimic then fat people... Personally I think being anorexic is worse then being fat... But we all have our opinions.

  evilplatypus  |  38

I think being obese is worse. At least anorexics aren't using up valuable resources.
And it pisses me off big time that fat-asses are making a "life-choice" or a "personal decision," whereas anorexics 'must have something going horribly wrong in their mind'.

  ShroomsOnAcid  |  16

173 Health wise, being thinner is better than being fatter. I'm not talking about extremes, just slightly over vs. slightly under. I'm also not talking about what's "attractive" or what's "acceptable" or what's politically correct. You might be biased because you know more people who are anorexic/bulimic than obese, but please remember that all three are eating disorders, albeit at different ends of the spectrum. 177, I can see your point, but obesity is as much of a choice as anorexia/bulimia. It's mostly a psychological issue. Different people have different ways of dealing with stress and emotions. I'm sympathetic towards those with weight issues, but by no means should we pretend it's okay to be obese.

  a_nutritionist  |  10

@173 you must move in odd crowds. clearly the focus will be on the more prominent issue, which is overweight and not anorexia. or perhaps you confuse slim with anorexic.