By - 20/1/2017 22:00
Today, as any other work day, I sat down for lunch. Unfortunately, the door to the toilet is right next to where I sit. Every time a colleague uses the toilet, I hear everything, which puts me off my lunch. FML
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By  cootiequeen4444  |  11

"is work day" code for another day in prison? ...because I'm not really sure why you would HAVE to sit near a toilet that colleagues would use and you hear /everything/ unless it's like a prison cell w/ cellmates. Otherwise, dear lawd, is your butt glued to that seat permanently? just move yer arse away from the bathroom. I'm genuinely curious why you didn't do that? and why would you purposefully sit right next to the bathroom. Even on my most anti-social days, I'd eat in a crowded room (even if kids are inclided) than sit right by the fucking bathroom. that's narsty!