By Anonymous - 30/01/2014 22:46 - United Kingdom - Preston

Today, I had an upset stomach all day at work. When lunch break came, I rushed to the bathroom. Just as I turned into an unstoppable human whoopie cushion, a co-worker walked in. He heard the entire arse symphony, and just asked, "What the fuck, dude?!" as he left. FML
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Qwermy 16

Where will you be when diarrhea strikes?

I hate public restrooms so much


Qwermy 16

Where will you be when diarrhea strikes?

The way this fml is worded is amazing

he sure as hell won't be able to make it into the bathroom then.

That co-worker sounds like he's never had diarrhoea , which I highly doubt . It happens to everyone . Geez

incoherentrmblr 21

...and fooking gave it...

Well he will start a muzik concert

He must of had Taco Bell

Wizardo 33

#19, I know right, are symphony is now added to my phrase encyclopaedia *toot toot tooooot*

Wizardo 33

I only just re-read my comment, auto correct changed arse so I apologise to the dying GN's out there.

I hate public restrooms so much

I don't think many people like them but I'd take public restrooms over people shitting in the streets.

hahatofunny 20

It's better than shitting in a plastic bag like that one FML.

Or in a plastic bag.

kolapo 8

Shut up Alex

Same here. They wouldn't be so bad if people would keep their judgements to themselves.

The judgement just amazes me too. It's something EVERYONE has to do... so why the judgement and disgust? Unless they're some sort of alien who never has a bowel movement.

At least it wasn't your boss.

Were you in the stall at least? If not fyl :/

Public, workplace restrooms generally have stalls, yes, but even so, still pretty fucking embarrassing.

Depends on the country and how modernized the building is. For the U.S yeah it usually, hardly in the Asian countries. Can't say for the UK I've never been there. Not to be a smart ass :P

#50, we're as advanced in the UK as the US is. Every public toilet has stalls or cubicles, and sometimes they're fancy ones that shut you off from everyone else. Sometimes there is just the one toilet, but they tend to be like those disabled toilets and have the sink in there with the toilet. Most of the world has cubicles, and I've been to some poor countries.

You made me picture that scene in Bridesmaids!

When nature calls dude. Sorry OP

DenBriZel 31

Your poor butt! And your poor co-worker's nose!

I'm not sure why he's so surprised about a person farting/pooping in the bathroom. There could have been a lot worse places to do it! Sorry though OP. Not a fun feeling.

Two words come to mind: "Loud" and "Stinky".

What about the word "natural"?

Ha. I meant for the OP. Good catch!

RedPillSucks 31

@39 what about "lugubrious" and "bombastic"

neutralize 12

"Arse" and "symphony"... two words I thought should never be in the same sentence, until now.

I know. This FML was beautifully wrote and left a very detailed image in the mind. xD

Google Mozart's "Leck mich im Arsch" masterpiece. People make art out of these two words.

That's (shitty) OP.

yea, I'm so glad for the most part people stopped this specific stupid thing.

isn't (....) supposed to be additional/optional information to the existing sentence? because "that's op" isn't a very good contribution. it's never happened to him. People can be so self-righteous.

that's funny as shit. lol

bethers_ 22

No. No it's not.

Did you just