By Brendan - Canada
Today, while on lunch break, my fat, old co-worker walked into the break-room. I managed to block out his perverted heavy breathing, but had to leave when he began emitting a terrible odor that smelled like cheesy, sweaty molding feet. I barely held onto my lunch. FML
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By  Charlottey  |  1

Today I was trying to have lunch when my young stupid co worker came in. I mean, i was just trying to eat my lunch? I have breathing problems, and he starts to think I'm aroused by him.. he wishes! Then he rushes out the room because apparently I smell but I actually shower every day and it was just my cheese sandwich. Then he posted about me on FML. FML!


... Win?... Either way that's nasty for the OP..
Although he easily could've said:
"Today, I tried to eat lunch, but an old fat guy disturbed me with farts and breathing. They were cheesy. FML" Anyways you are a winner #1 for not saying "ZOMG FIRST!!1!!!" and for that we thank you!