By Brendan - 19/02/2011 21:23 - Canada

Today, while on lunch break, my fat, old co-worker walked into the break-room. I managed to block out his perverted heavy breathing, but had to leave when he began emitting a terrible odor that smelled like cheesy, sweaty molding feet. I barely held onto my lunch. FML
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Today I was trying to have lunch when my young stupid co worker came in. I mean, i was just trying to eat my lunch? I have breathing problems, and he starts to think I'm aroused by him.. he wishes! Then he rushes out the room because apparently I smell but I actually shower every day and it was just my cheese sandwich. Then he posted about me on FML. FML!


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... Win?... Either way that's nasty for the OP.. Although he easily could've said: "Today, I tried to eat lunch, but an old fat guy disturbed me with farts and breathing. They were cheesy. FML" Anyways you are a winner #1 for not saying "ZOMG FIRST!!1!!!" and for that we thank you!

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8 he's referring to the movie the longest yard

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he may also be refering to an episode of family guy. just saying..

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What the hell are you all talking about... he's talking about Cheetos...

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Sorry this was a reply to #23

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Nice picture! I think im going to google it and see what comes up!

oh jeez. That's just really nasty. Can't you file a complaint saying you tolerate the nasty odor?!

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Someone's been munching on cheetos, with their feet.

How was his breathing perverted? Just because he's old and fat doesn't make him a pervert.

its a description. He is breathing LIKE a pervert would down the phone late at night when you are on your own.

may you live long enough to be old, fat and cheesy.