By pussy - 04/05/2009 14:46 - Italy

Today, I was talking to my boss about her children. She told me she didn’t want them to develop any problems by letting them sleep with the light on. I didn’t tell her last night I slept with the light on because I’m scared of ghosts. FML
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Don't worry, Capser is the friendly ghost!


OP: Watch the Ring 1 and 2 it will totally cure your fear of ghosts, but then you will be scared of little evil girls crawling out of your TV to kill you.

those are creepy movies!!!!!!! omg! and btw, how is this even an FML?!?!?

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you dork. grow up and be a man

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hah it's a female posting this

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your boss must be really chill if he hires four year olds

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haha look what the op's name is. Wow even you admit it, that is sad.

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Don't worry, Capser is the friendly ghost!

It's the unfriendly ones you gotta worry about

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Sucks if you can't help it, but YDI