By Anonymous - 02/08/2013 21:34 - United Kingdom - Newcastle Upon Tyne

Today, at work, I felt a sudden, all-too-familiar pain in my stomach. I ran for the restroom, but before I could get there, I shat myself. I had to limp the rest of the way, then beg my boss to let me go home. He said no and told me to get back to work. FML
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What a douche. Why are people so void of empathy these days?

I really hope nobody uses the "shitty situation" pun. Oh wait, I'm too late.


I guess you were in... *removes sunglasses * A shitty situation YAAAAAAAAAAAA

ViRepz 28

Don't crap yourself from all that excitement.

Did you really do that after what everyone says about the "shitty situation" comments

Let me tell ya, its not very pleasent

19: actually, considering he was the first comment, the complaints came later. But it's still a bad pun.

I've always wanted to use it. I didn't know people hated it so much actually lol Guess I know now!

I am talking about previous FML's

Don't read comments much :/

MidnightMusic53 37

Talk about a shitty day. Sorry, I had to! Perfect opportunity.

Exactly! You understand my situation here lol

pantherpride98 10

They're just haters :P

pantherpride98 10

They're just haters :P u should Kik me: crystal1198

challan 19

Josh, on FML only Perdix wears sunglasses.

This is worse than the time a racoon got caught in the copy machine.

This comment got you in an even worse shituation than the OP.

What a douche. Why are people so void of empathy these days?

Even without empathy, you'd think he'd want to avoid putting up with your shit.

That's when you plop your poopy undies on his desk and peace out.

Maybe douche is the wrong word here. We will call him... Buttwipe.

sematariux 7

Slooby, the boss wasn't the only one "void" of something today....

I really hope nobody uses the "shitty situation" pun. Oh wait, I'm too late.

Why couldn't you save us!!!

I've always wanted to use it, cut me some slack

ViRepz 28

Sorry to shit on your parade.

12 cut OP some slacks. She needs a new pair.

punkyboy 11

quick get in the delorian you have to go back and save us

You wrote this like it's a common occurrence..?

jojimugo 20

My thoughts exactly ... Are people ******** themselves at work and am unaware about it?

CoffeeChickBlows 13

Some people are chronically full of shit, like ireply_wlyrics.

Maybe it is? I have Crohn's disease, and let me tell yah, shit like this is a common occurrence when you're sick.

#33: Calling members out like that exhibits a level of immaturity rarely seen. Watch yourself.

CoffeeChickBlows 13

And that welshite guy too, what a pretentious fucktard.

lizzi02 13

I have Crohn's Disease as well, and quite a few people with more severe cases do need to brong extra pants with them. And even with a mild case, you don't always get a lot of warning before you have to find a bathroom.

It easily could be, considering the range of gastrointestinal conditions that can make one lose control of one's bowels.

your boss has a real shitty attitude..sry op

*incoming shitty situation puns*

ViRepz 28

You guys are full of crap, shit happens jeez

geez #8, you sound a bit angry ;)

should have sat in his chair a minute

NiamhMcA 4

Bring spare clothes to work just in case!

Ugh but op would still probably feel all nasty and sad. Going home is just the best thing to do in that situation.

Show him your shitty pants

That's kind of the point.