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Today, it's my 8 year anniversary. My boyfriend's "romantic" gesture for the occasion was to toss a few McDonald's coupons at me and tell me to get whatever I wanted. FML
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Write "a new boyfriend"on the coupon and throw it back at him...


colton_colton 49

Never turn down McDonalds in general!

Free macca's is better than no macca's I guess.

buttcramp 21

Hahahaha why is #7 being down voted? McDonalds is everyone's guilty pleasure!

I know maccas is aussie for McDonalds but what is hungry jack? Is that another chain or an aussie slang?

Wow, it is like real life romance movie.

colton_colton 49

I wish my love life could be this romantic!

Seems more like the romance is dead. Enjoy the coupons though

joeyl2008 29

Yeah cause if there is one thing guys who haven't proposed after 8 years are known for it's being romantic.

@67. Maybe they don't want to get married, or they are young. Either way, not married or engaged =/= not romantic.

#67, that's not necessarily true. I mean, look at Jesse and Jeana from PrankvsPrank. They've been together for 8 years and they aren't engaged and they love each other very much.

Write "a new boyfriend"on the coupon and throw it back at him...

Hmm, let's just have her dump her boyfriend of 8 years over a petty situation. Good idea, scholar. OP, sit down and have a serious conversation on why that upset you. If he truly cares, he will be willing to listen and hopefully, apologize.

8 years and he treats her like that on their anniversary. Yes, I would say it is time to move on no matter how hard it hurts. Maybe the next boyfriend with be a husband after 8 years and buy her flowers on their anniversary.

colton_colton 49

Dumping him for one bad date is a pretty low move. I agree 11 they need to talk it out instead

I don't understand #15. That's like saying your parents get you a bad gift. So then you just stop being their kid. It doesn't work like that. OP was probably disappointed but, unless it gets worse its not worth leaving...

ChristianH39 30

The operative difference is that being in a relationship is optional, being someone's son/daughter kind of isn't.

But maybe it was just one bad anniversary? Perhaps a bad day? Given, that is no reason to be a dick to OP on their anniversary, but I wouldn't go straight to breaking up with him

Goblin182 26

I am betting this is not the first time the BF has shown little respect to OP.

@44 Very good point. Forgot about that haha

My fiancé and I have been together for 5 years and engaged for almost 1 month. We don't do anything special for our anniversary and we've gone to McDonald's on Valentine's Day. Not every girl wants flowers, chocolates, etc and I'm one of them. It's petty to Break up with someone over this and after 8 years why should she even be surprised. I'm pretty sure it's not the first time.

You're one of the girls that is ok with low key and that is fine. But the OP isn't or she wouldn't have posted it on FML. All you have to do is look at Pinterest to see that most women have very romantic tendencies.

Yes #96 but maybe her boyfriend was just joking? Would you want a bf/gf to constantly be serious? I would want my partner to make jokes and play around

deviking 10

Maybe he is trying to say that you're skinny and is saying to get fatter take it as a compliment

If he was trying to tell her to gain weight how would being skinny be a good thing in that situation? Wouldn't that mean he doesn't like her being skinny?

martin8337 35

Why would any man make his old lady fatter? So she won't mess around on him?

colton_colton 49
KinkyCurly 13

You can't wait 8 years to propose if you're not in line to be king.

gmc_blossom 21

@8 Why be a King when you can be a God?

What's a God to a non-believer who don't believe in anything? They make it out alive, no church in the wild

I think 8 refers to Prince William, who took eons to propose to Kate, but I could be wrong.

I will be more than happy to take those from you.

8 years still your "boyfriend" not husband. Maybe Micky D's coupons are all you're worth

colton_colton 49

Nobody is worth just McDonalds coupons!

Before jumping the gun on marriage, op could be very young still. Some relationships begin early like in middle school and continue for years. If op and boyfriend started dating in seventh grade, assuming seventh graders are about 13 years old, eight years would only make op 21.

ChristianH39 30

26 is spot on. My girlfriend and I have been together since we were 15. If we get married it probably wouldn't be until we've been together almost 10 years. Don't be so judgemental

I don't understand why you got down voted...