By Anonymous - 29/01/2014 21:04 - United Kingdom - Wrexham

Today, I was having sex with my girlfriend, and I really started getting into it. I said, "Hang on tight, this is gonna get intense." She replied, "Doubt it" and yawned. FML
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tilly_llama 11

I am genuinely sorry.

You two need to talk things out. There's obviously room for improvement on both your parts. Communication is key.


tilly_llama 11

I am genuinely sorry.

Genuinely sorry that this serious issue in the relationship hasn't been addressed prior to OP's girlfriend bringing it to light, albeit in a very blunt manner.

It's the girlfriend's fault. OP had no idea. If you're not being satisfied, it's your job to mention it. It's not your partner's fault for not being able to read your mind. OP, try more foreplay, maybe some toys, fun lubricants, and don't be afraid to taste her rainbow! Also, roleplaying can work wonders for women. But don't try any of this without discussing it with her first...maybe over a lovely meal you made her? :) -Your friendly neighborhood Batman

You tried.

"started getting into it", 'Hang on", "this is gonna get".... All reasons why I voted YDI. I'm still sorry for you. And your girlfriend.

isn't it supposed to b, your friendly neighborhood spiderman? lol! sorry, I had to...heehee!

Dump her, if she not willing to help, but instead make that comment then your future isn't good.

You two need to talk things out. There's obviously room for improvement on both your parts. Communication is key.

colton_colton 49

Poor communication will lead any relationship to a complete disaster

And horrible sex apparently.


I think that you might have some room for improvement. That or your girlfriend is just mean.

colton_colton 49

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8313girl 28

You know it's just nowadays right?

He has room to improve.

deviking 10

Ask her how you can make it better

yea, that's something you two need to work on together

You're way too polite in your sex talk.

That was my first thought. That's some lame sex talk for some lame sex. One word OP: Foreplay. If your not gifted in the sack be really good at Foreplay.

And I thought guys had it bad. Huge hugs! Hang in there! Talk to her and see what she enjoys. Huge hugs.

That is when you "slip." That'll shake things up!

Go the warp speed and she'll reconsider.

well was it?

Dude... you just got served!