By Amberizzle - United States
Today, it is my three-year-anniversary with my boyfriend. I asked if he had planned anything for us, and he said yes. My parents volunteered to watch our daughter, I got all excited, and apparently our "plans" are to watch a football game. What do I get to do? Make sandwiches. For him. FML
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By  fbp6277  |  0

You guys are kind of assholes. She doesn't have to marry the guy to have kids. Marriage isn't right for some people. Just because someone has a kid with someone without getting married doesn't mean the kid is going to be fucked up. It's better to have the people not get married then to get married and always fight around the kid. People should quit being so judgemental.

  Hi_i_am_Mikie  |  0

#15 is totally right, i hope those sandwiches were made with love and care
football is very important, at least you guys spent some form of time together
and its only like 2 hours of what he wants to do. Calm your nipples

By  birds_fml  |  7

At least you're not married. It'll be a lot easier to dump the jerk. You're WAY better off without him... just think... he'll have to pay child support still, and your parents are obviously close enough that they can help you raise your kid. Then you can find a guy who will treat you with respect.

  RyeBreadBoy  |  0

that mentality is why kids are so fucked up nowadays. hey, let's all have kids with our boyfriends and then we can just break up and the man will have to pay child support while i sit on my ass because i don't want to work and don't have to since he has to pay me 51 percent of what he makes. in the meantime, i'll bitch to my kid about how much of an asshole her dad was so that she'll either grow up to hate men or turn into a huge whore because she never had daddy's love and wants men to "love" her, and she can't distinguish between sex and love. maybe next time get married first, and then you could've figured out that he was a douchebag before popping out a couple babies.

  alliemi  |  0

#40 is pretty judgmental but sadly, I kind of have to agree. I've seen this happen. On the other hand, though, the father shouldn't have had kids (equally his responsibility) with a woman who he wasn't married to if he didn't want to pay child support.

  yellowbirdx  |  0

Actually, I wholly believe in waiting until wedlock to have children, but just because some people don't doesn't mean what #40 described is always going to happen. It's called having an open mind. You should try it sometime, metheonlyb.