By xXangelaXx - 21/08/2011 18:23 - United States

Today, my beloved pet chicken ran away from home. I got so distraught that my dad offered to buy me dinner. Specifically, KFC. FML
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I don't see the problem, just ask to go to McDonalds or something.

Pet chicken?????? At least you don't need to buy eggs

Anyone making a choked the chicken joke? No? Well I bet your dad choked that chicken before you ate it! o_o I see why no ones made that joke now..

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let's just hope your chicken didn't run to Kentucky & isn't fried :3

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Would you rather have Popeye's Chicken instead?

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Lol while it's funny it's also sad. Sorry OP

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Lol while it's funny it's also sad. Sorry OP

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WTF!!! You're dad's an asshole!!!! He should have gotten Popeye's : (

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Never had I imagined "beloved pet chicken" being used in a sentence before.

I don't care what the case may be. Eat the KFC.

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I agree fyl because your chicken ran away, but your dad offering to buy you KFC? Aww you poor baby your life sucks sooo bad.

It didn't run away... Your dad got hungry. And that wasn't KFC... It was your dads cooking.

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Well at least you can get a boy/girlfriend now

Pun? What pun? I was just saying that he's a penis. I kid, I kid. Thank you for catching that. ;)

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Yeah, I don't think turning down KFC would have been an option for me. But still, sorry OP.


16, I think the word's 'didn't'. Unfortunately for OP, now she does...

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**** bitches. Sorry, couldn't resist :)

Naa curly frys or onion rings are better

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lol sounds like your dad is funny

I modded this but instead of KFC it just said chicken...

I love chickens... In both ways... No offense... Wait that sounded kinda wrong...

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Really... I love.... chickens.. too.

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135 goes "'in' both ways" also, apparently. :)

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Meh. That sounded better in my head.

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Well I don't know about you, but KFC is good any day.

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Whoa, wait... who the **** has a chicken for a pet?

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Dude, KFC is low quality crap. Many other places to get much better fried chicken and better sides.

50 - that's true for in America. in Canada, kfc agreed to a waiver they only but local chicken, try are killed humanely and all the chickens have to pass a health safety test and the slaughter house has to be inspected. but ya, who has a chicken for a pet? sure, I have chickens. but we raise then to EAT them.

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HeartBrakeJ- I have a pet Chicken, and a lot of people do. I don't live on a farm, but in a beach house, and I love my chicken, so just shut the **** up -.-

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I have a pet chicken as well, in the middle of suburbia. She knows her name, comes when called, and can identify colors. Screw you

Where would he have taken you if your pokemon had run away? =D

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Why have a pet chicken.. They're annoying with their "bawk bawk ba-BAWK". If it was as loud and annoying as most chickens then i wouldnt doubt that maybe someone let it run away.

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If it was a guinea fowl they are actually very good 'gaurs dogs' Guineas are very territorial and raise a he'll of a racket if someone trespasses into their territory. They also eat ticks and other nasty little creatures so there's less worry of ticks near your home if you've got guinea fowl.

A wise man once said"... And **** roosters with their useless cockadoodledoos we invented alarn clocks we dont longer need you!"

#24 Not very wise if he likes eggs or fried chicken.

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7- Would you like some KFC?

I have a pet chicken, actually I had 4 but the rest were eaten by coyotes...They're not loud unless you have a rooster.

Exactly 165, I have three laying hens and they are the sweetest little girls, people wouldn't understand unless they had them.

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Get the 20 piece. Put posters around saying you got your Chicken's family fried. However be prepared to fight your chicken to the death.

Like the chicken on family guy that Peter fights with

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It's OK, KFC doesn't serve chicken anyways. Ever since they switched the name from Kentucky Fried Chicken to KFC, they began to feed the public some kind of lab-synthesized protein matter.

Isn't that what every other fast food restaurant does as well? And I think the protein might have been synthesized from Doc's 'patients'. It's merely a theory, but I think we can at least say the food has questionable origins.

Oh and by the way, I love you perdix. (physically)

Well **** me with a lead pipe, this was supposed to be a reply to Perdix . lets go with The ChantelOwns excuse and say FML is out to get me.