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  rainbo955  |  0

50 - that's true for in America. in Canada, kfc agreed to a waiver they only but local chicken, try are killed humanely and all the chickens have to pass a health safety test and the slaughter house has to be inspected. but ya, who has a chicken for a pet? sure, I have chickens. but we raise then to EAT them.

  iJasper  |  8

HeartBrakeJ- I have a pet Chicken, and a lot of people do. I don't live on a farm, but in a beach house, and I love my chicken, so just shut the fuck up -.-

By  JonaDona  |  2

Why have a pet chicken.. They're annoying with their "bawk bawk ba-BAWK". If it was as loud and annoying as most chickens then i wouldnt doubt that maybe someone let it run away.


If it was a guinea fowl they are actually very good 'gaurs dogs'
Guineas are very territorial and raise a he'll of a racket if someone trespasses into their territory.
They also eat ticks and other nasty little creatures so there's less worry of ticks near your home if you've got guinea fowl.

  Amrel  |  10

A wise man once said"... And fuck roosters with their useless cockadoodledoos we invented alarn clocks we dont longer need you!"

By  perdix  |  29

It's OK, KFC doesn't serve chicken anyways. Ever since they switched the name from Kentucky Fried Chicken to KFC, they began to feed the public some kind of lab-synthesized protein matter.

  poisonfrog7  |  2

Isn't that what every other fast food restaurant does as well? And I think the protein might have been synthesized from Doc's 'patients'. It's merely a theory, but I think we can at least say the food has questionable origins.