By luvizwar - 18/09/2009 23:27 - Australia

Today, it is my boyfriend's and my one year anniversary. I bought him a Playstation 2. As soon as I gave it to him, he went straight to set it up without giving me anything. I said "What about me?" He walked over to me, gave me a kiss and said "I love it when you buy me things for no reason." FML
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Wow, not even a 'thankyou'. That's pretty bad.

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My brother's girlfriend bought him a PS2 last year... because he wanted one. not everyone wants things that are the top of the range, he wanted to play the old games because he enjoyed them.


You should have hinted...guys are stupid.

That is an awfully foolish thought. First, it's a Ps2... while it's nice, nothing too fancy. Secondly, in a good relationship, they would've talked about it. Unless she wanted to surprise him knowing full well, he might not know. Maybe he counts it from the first time they had sex as opposed to the first date. Big difference there. OP, hang in there.

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Fake, everyone gives PS3's as presents now.

Agreed. I wouldn't have thanked her for a PS2, either. Stupid bisnatch. PS3's are the thing now.

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Not if you can't fork over $300 on a fly for the mofo.

Screw you guys I love my PS2. Also this could have happened before recently. Also, agreed, some guys are a little dense. And it's only been one year; easy to forget an anniversary when you've never had it before! Don't feel so bad, give him time. Besides, since it's only been one year, and it's a boyfriend/girlfriend anniversary as opposed to a wedding one, so you two may have a different opinion on what day is your anniversary.

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How are guys stupid, you stereotypical bitch?

Well for one, some of them are just great at calling people names on the internet. "Bitch" is really original, bravo.

The person said "some guys, "IOwnedYou. You just proved her point. And yes, I'm a guy.

"You should have hinted...guys are stupid." Nice job Sherlock.

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First off, PS3's are $300. PS2's are $100. The OP probably either didn't want to get him something that expensive for only a year of dating. Or possibly, she didn't have enough money. You never know. I'd say FYL. Who cares if it was just dating? He should have remembered if she did.

you know what? this conversation pisses me off. Guys don't remember stuff like anniversarys because they aren't important. It doesn't make us stupid, almost all advancements in the history of the earth were made by guys, that is undeniable. You could say that that's because we live in a male dominated society, but that's not true any longer women have the same opportunities as men and they still don't accomplish nearly as much.

OP, just tell him that you're upset because his response came off as unappreciative. I understand that you think that the way he reacted may have seemed selfish but you just need to tell him instead of posting it on this site where people are selfish pricks who don't understand the meaning behind "giving." If you don't tell him, he's just going to think everything is fine. At the least, he did begin using it instead of discarding it and really hurting your feelings. It's not really an FML, it's just a misunderstanding.

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guys do remember them. i actually think more like a guy and therefore the relationship between me and my bf is kinda reversed...he remembers the important dates and i never do XD. he understands though...give your bf a bit of a break just remind him. he'll remember the important stuff if you get married. and to everyone saying the ps3 is out, the ps3 is f***kin expensive. i'd say the ps2 is a good bf got me a bass guitar that was $320 for absolutely no reason at all...merely because he had the money and we haven't been dating for anywhere close to a year...i got really mad at him but he refused to return the bass and i don't have the money to reimburse it. FYL and YDI, because you can't expect guys to remember everything.

First off, your "guys don't remember anniversaries" argument is bullshit. My boyfriend will remember "monthaversaries," while I have no clue and kind of don't care, even though I think it's cutet. I'm not one of those girls that's like OMG WE'VE BEEN DATING FOR 7 MONTHS HAPPY ANNIVERSARY BABY! Whatever. I just care about the year marks. Girls CARE about that kind of shit, and every guy should've figured that out by now. I think OP should have mentioned in the couple weeks before "oh, what do you think we should do for our one year anniversary?" But it's not totally her fault. Jesus Christ.

If you want your guy to care about things like boyfriend/girlfriend anniversaries, you need to remind him. It's lame enough that many girls (and some grown women) make a big deal about them. Month anniversarie are an excuse for the insecure to validate their relationship. It's a meaningless milestone celebrated by people in HS and middle school relationships trying to play "grown up". Seriously girls, enough already. Guys really don't care about those things. They pretend to so you'll give it up. And guys, if you buy her any jewelry before you buy her an engagement ring, she's got your balls on a string from then on. That doesn't mean be an unappreciative dick. It means don't give up your balls while you still have a lot of life left in 'em.

YDI for giving him a PS2, its almost 9 years ago, i would've gotten him a wii or PS3

no I would have thought of a xbox 360 lol

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really?? ever think she was on a budget? sure ps3s are awesome as I own 2. but she prolly couldn't afford a ps3.

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bitch! ive had a 4.0 since first grade

a: this is from 2009 b: this was in Australia

The XBOX sucks.

1- guys aren't stupid my bf remembers our anniversary every month. Some guys think differently than others some care and some dont. You just have to learn to live with it if you really care about him.

The reason why women did not invent things back then was because they weren't allowed to be as educated as men. They often were encouraged to drop out of school early to help around the house. Ignorant men like you piss me off

Wow, not even a 'thankyou'. That's pretty bad.

True, that's never a good sign, regardless of him remembering dates or not. ^^;

Uh, you don't take his response as an obvious "thank you"?

Still, it had to be asked for. He went straight to play the PS2.

I wouldve walked to the ps2 and took it back then sold it on ebay.

should have went with the ps3...

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who buys such an expensive gift after one year of dating? it's not really a "long" time of being together. sorry but now you've learned the hard way.

a ps2? really? fyl that your boyfriend is dumb. but at least now you can make his life hell and remind him about it in every fight. it's like a get out if jail free card. like this: bf: why didn't you pay the water bill?! you: oh, it's my fault?! you forget things too!! like our ANNIVERSARY!!! bf: 0 you: 1

ooooo a PS2!!!! totally not super old! YDI.. who gives a ps2.. if it were a ps3 then yes fyl

not everyone is rich like you

I think it was just a typo.

It was in 2009

YDI for buying him a PS2. That was only released almost a decade ago...

Yet they're still being produced, because people just aren't buying the PS3.

#43, first off, PS2's are still being produced because Sony hasn't dumped the console. It's called reliability. Secondly, people are very much buying PS3's. It's ahead of the 360 in Europe and Japan, and not too far behind overall. Moreover, PS3 sales figures have been very strong lately, after the release of the PS3 Slim.

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They're still producing the PS2 only because of the fact that some people, can't afford the $318 it costs to get one. Not to mention the controllers cost like $60, and so do the games. But the PS2 controllers are cheaper, and so are the games.

You do realize there's different games for each console and one vastly more superior than the other?

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i have ps1 2 3 psp psp slim psp3000 and psp micro and i like my ps1 the most! so stop bein a bitch!!! o and i prefer my 3 walkmmen's over my ipod for music!

dude shut the **** up and stop showing off

Ps3 is way to go u must be high to get somthing as out dateed as a ps2 I got my ps3 in 2009 dumb ass

i got my ps2 in 2008. my boyfriend and i JUST bought a ps3 this year. when they release a new console the previous is so much cheaper. you can play with outdated tech, it wont kill you and it wont make you broke

196, 204: And here, ladies and gentleman, we have the definition of "spoiled brats."

a ps2?? wow you're cheap.

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9 wow your such a dick

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The PS2 was only recently released in Australia. They have yet to get the iPod Video. XD

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What u should of bought was the new ps3 slim not a ps2

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This was published in 2009, ps2s were still pretty popular and I don't even think the slim existed.

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#213 The comment about the Slim was posted in 2009...

PS2's are like $30. What is wrong with you, I would rather have nothing than a PS2

Shows that you deserve nothing then. A PS2 is better than nothing. There's no need to be an ungrateful ass.

You are not married; you have no anniversary.

anniversary (n) 1 : the annual recurrence of a date marking a notable event; broadly : a date that follows such an event by a specified period of time measured in units other than years 2 : the celebration of an anniversary

I agree with #12, you can't expect a guy to remember something that lots of people don't even celebrate.

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I don't know who you hang out with, but almost everyone I know celebrates the yearly anniversaries of when they started dating.

You guys are ******* weird. Everyone I know at least makes some mention/celebration when they've been together for a year. Some people even do that stupid monthly "anniversary" shit. Why would you think no one notices that? That's an important date. He could at least give her a flower or something small as a token and mention it.

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chh. False. Anniversary is the celebration of something, ANYTHING, on a regular basis. My boyfriend and I celebrate the 19th of every month. It doesn't have to be a *wedding* anniversary.

Weird. Maybe it's a regional thing. I've rarely seen first-date anniversaries and nobody I know has ever celebrated one of those "one month anniversaries", I've at best heard of them on TV.

The only people who do the one month thing are pathetic teens who think they are "in love" but have the sense to know they won't make it to a year. Yet they want the gifts, so they celebrate monthly. It's not really a super common thing. Yearly first date is. Hell yes, it very much is. Although, I wouldn't know from experience, having never made it to 1 year with a mate.

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Actually, I like the monthly thing. Admittedly we don't "celebrate" the 17th of every month anymore (it's been over 2 and a half years and we have a house being built) but we always remember to do something a little bit special, even if it is just a text saying "Happy Monthly Anniversary". Celebrate love people, it's better than killing each other!!!!!!!!

Well, actually, an ANNIversary is an annual event by definition. Celebrating your "anniversary" monthly is both moronic and a contradiction in terms.

It's kind of a term that has adapted. Technically you're right. However, I think it's more like the term "gay" and it's transformation from "happy" to "homosexual" to "lame/undesirable/stupid".... To each their own. I don't like the monthly thing (anymore, although I participated at one point), but if you do, that's cool.

Wow, Intoxicunt, you participated in monthly anniversary celebrations...=/

Sun_Kissed18 25

I never really "celebrated" the monthly ones, more like just made a note of it. We would say "Happy 9 month :)" or something like that, though yearly we would celebrate

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No. Anniversary is the celebration of something annually, just look at the prefix of each word. That's no coincedence. There's no such thing as a one month anniversary because that doesn't make sense.

so is your hair !!

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OP, let me give you my address. we will have sex and then send the tape to your BF. that will teach the jackass....

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Yeah, that's gonna solve everrythinggg.