By Brinty - 13/03/2010 05:18 - Australia

Today, my new anti-social cat started rubbing on my leg. I thought she must be warming up to me. Then, I looked at my leg and saw she smeared poo all over my work pants. FML
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eew. And then you took your pants to the drycleaner and all was well again.

purplemnm 9

cats are evil. 'nuff said.


This is a great post. Can we have some real ones now?

it can be a nasty thing that your pet dislikes you, there's no reason to be so negative

eastside09 0

haha tht sux well my opion would be get rid of it

:/ No kidding,t his happened. She's really fluffy so I gues sthe poop got stuck in her butt-fur. Smelt way bad.

tweetbaby14 18

lol that's great! yay kitty

Animalover 0

um it's probably not fake I've had that happen b 4

Ew see that's why I hate cats yuckk you should go look for a dog there the best. (:

boomerfeb13 0

ydi for having a cat. dogs are the best. why would you have a anti social pet anyways dosent that kinda defeat the purpose?

further proof that the only good cat is a dead cat

My dog may be stupid, but he's never wiped his ass on me. YDI

Felendris 0

it'd be kinda weird if you were first on your own FML o.o. I'd /applaud.

give the cat to anold lady.

kaileebug 0

I agree with #7 but that's basically becase cats are one of my biggest fears.

^^ win, YDI for having a cat... "Cats are da Debil Bobby Bouchee"

beccaishereyay 11

"Today, I was at the pound and this little loving girl asks her mom if she can have me. her mom says yes and that they'll cone back tomorrow. I was really excited until this fat lonely middle aged woman took one look at me and adopted me right on the spot. I'm now going to make this bitches life hell. FML"

Not funny, please try again.

beccaishereyay 11

"Today an ugly fat bitch told me I was funny. FML"

xoconnie 8

cry about it bitch!

smellyoldlady 0

kick it in the face

smellyoldlady 0

or piss on its head

actually it means that the cat has claimed the OP as her property

Did ya kick cat across room??

Ninjasaurus18 9

So animal abuse is ok to you? Disgusting bastard...

my cousin used to have such a friendly cat until she ran away and got hit by a car. She then got replaced by a persian cat who doesn't get near us and hides away the whole day, according to my cousin. Good luck with your cat, op.

eew. And then you took your pants to the drycleaner and all was well again.

and on my way to return the pants I slipped and fell in some mud, ruining the very pants I was returning.

this is fake get a life honestly

love the Seinfeld reference 13

Wow...your "new" cat needs to become your "old" cat. Replacement time!

Speaking of replacements, I once tried to sell my dog to this stranger I met at Walmart. He said he'd buy it, and I was pretty happy. However, this changed when caught on fire and got hit by a bus. I never have been a good salesman.

@3: I hate when people think it's just totally cool to drop animals off at the shelter like it casual and okay. If you commit to having a pet, you need to take responsibility and accept that there will be bad with the good. Only someone selfish and immature would take a pet to the pound over just this one incident. @37: Lol, you're a complete idiot. I hope you really did catch on fire.

LtHoward 0

I suggest getting rid of the cat, that's just sick. I hope your cat is not like that all the time.

LtHoward 0

Lol! Yeah I know cats poop, but really, rubbing it on your masters leg doesn't sound "clever" to me. I'm not a big fan of cats though, so I would simply not have one to begin with. I would find that funny though if I saw it happen to someone haha

You tell 'em #1. Anyone who owns animals is used to cleaning up messes!

It is real, it's hilarious. For some reason as soon as I read it, probably the way it was worded, I knew it was Australian, it's v. comforting haha.

how could u tell a post on fml is Aussie? I'm Aussie and there r no words that scream out 'this post is Aussie!!!'

Except perhaps the usage of the word "Aussie."

You know, except for the part at the top that says [New South Wales, Australia].

haha that stinks... literally

Giorgio272 2

I say drown the cat. quick and painless. on your part at least. plus nothing against being a bitch to a bitchy cat.

Actually, drowning is one of THE most painful ways to die.

And you know this because you have drowned?

Meh. Get used to it :P But still, your cat was rubbing on your lge. Thats a sign of affection, it's not like she knew that there was poop on her butt...

get a dog.