By Jessica - 19/03/2011 21:13 - Romania

Today, at 21 years of age, my doctor confirmed that I am, indeed, going bald. It wouldn't be such a bad thing, even expected, if I wasn't a woman. FML
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Awww. Bald is beautiful :)

Actually, I do think bald people are beautiful. You may not have the same opinion as me, but I wouldn't post something if I didn't mean it. I personally don't want to go bald, because I like my hair. But if I did, I'd embrace it.


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What a constructive and relevant comment. Stupid.

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I like you. you have potential.

Awww. Bald is beautiful :)

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now don't lie to OP you know it doesn't look good on majority of girls some an pull it off though :p would you say that if you were going bald? I think not

Actually, I do think bald people are beautiful. You may not have the same opinion as me, but I wouldn't post something if I didn't mean it. I personally don't want to go bald, because I like my hair. But if I did, I'd embrace it.

TayonaC 10

that's why I said SOME can pull it off. and you know you wouldn't immediately "embrace" you being bald. it's like "oh my hairs falling out! hey this looks good though!" noo

Actually, you don't know me. I would embrace it. I wouldn't be totally happy that my hairs falling out, but it's the way it is, so accept it. Stop looking on the negative side, gosh.

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I know what she's trying to say :) still I don't really think she would embrace it I do think she would get a wig though

Don't assume things when you don't know me, Kay(: Just because you might cry over your hair falling out, doesn't mean that everyone else is the same way. I wouldn't get a wig. I'd let my baldness shine. (:

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lol k whatever you say

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Bald is beautiful,on a man sweetie.

I think bald is beautiful on women too, not just men. It's unique, I like that. Instead of them being like everyone else, with long hair, short hair, blonde, brown, brunette, etc. They're making their own trend. I give women props for being bald.

Jess, only you could pull off being bald.(;

Haha, well thank you. (:

wow is this comment thread gonna go on an endless loop or something?? wow it seriously looks like you guys are circling, don't mean to be a bummer but it's the truth. but I think Lady Gaga could pull it off better than Jess =P no offense Jess ;D

Haha, no offense taken(: Lady Gaga can pull off everything!

I think Jess is Brittany Spere's #1 fan! :D

hahahaha. sweettt 

and how do you figure? do you know her in real life? do you know what kind of music she likes? or are you just saying this out of judging? you shouldn't spew random things.

haha i agree with 38 ur very pretty and nice:)

Aww thanks! So are you:D

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Jess must be 1 in a million. ive never been to new joysey but I've herd the people there are kinda rude. no offense Jess.

Haha I don't really live in Jersey.

Haha Aww. I think so too, no homo :)

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Jess you look like a Cali girl.

Haha, really? I'm not though haha :)

haha Jersey all the way:D

I wish I lived in Jersey!

SAVE ON SHAMPOO!!! WHOO!!! and agreed with Jess, embrace! if ya can. :)

lmao @83 1. amazing pic!! 2. I never thought of it that way, I totally forgot OP doesn't have to worry about paying for shampoo.

Haha! thank you! ^_^ your pic is very... unique. lol.

haha, thank you #84! ^_^ your pic is very... unique! lol. (btw, idk if my last comment posted or not, but it's saying the same thing as this)

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WOAH WAIT!!! if jess goes bald... her account bame wont work anymore... then BOOM!!! : Black hole this is why I think you wouldnt embrace it. and thats how we make babies. (yes it all makes sense)

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name*** sry i'm on my ipod :P

I think bald women are beautiful as well. I personally would be devastated if I lost my hair, but there comes a stage in life where you can't keep crying over what was or could have been.

Jess, you're nice! Someone should give you a cookie!

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So? Buy a wig.

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I'm not gonna lie, I'd probably cry if I started to lose my hair. Then I'd man the hell up and get Bosley.

jess6blondie9 - if you were to go bald, prepare to have no bf or husband. I know I wouldn't date a bald girl. EVER. Ew.

114. Looks aren't everything. If you were in love with a girl, and one day she went bald, would that make you love her less? If you say yes, then you're a sorry excuse of a person.

hopefuly tge OP's head is shaped like natalie portman...

Jess if I was in that scenario it absolutely wouldn't make me love her less. but to be honest if I just met a girl who was bald at first, I wouldn't look at her at first glance and be attracted as I would with anyone else. but that may just be skeptical because I've never actually met a bald women in my life before so if that happens, we'll see if I'll be more mature =) btw @AriAirHead: my pic is of Yoshimitsu from Tekken 6, somehow I just thought it was incredible that I actually got to see his face because in all the games he's in, his face is hidden. so I just had to take a picture of it ;D

118, I understand what you're saying :) But you should also get to know someone, not completely judge them for looks. But I really do understand the opposing side of the argument, and you have good points.

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Take it from me, YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE BALD!

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or short and stalky ^

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You're forgetting like 4 states, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas and you don't get anymore Southern than Texas, unless we happen to include Mexico and that stuff. But still.

42 she can pull off anything except for looking normal

Prankster7o7 5

Oh you bet, I agree with you, haha. I was raised in the South, I got true grit. But I really wouldn't include North Carolina, since it's kinda in the middle, but I guess I was thinking about the deep south.

Haha, well thanks, I think:) But no, I'm not southern. I live in Oregon.

Prankster7o7 5

Take it as a compliment, haha, we southerners don't really care for people from other parts of the country, haha. :P

Haha yeah. That's because people from other parts of the country are ignorant, rude, and stuck up. I don't blame ya.

Haha I know. I love southern country accents, they're so hot:)

Prankster7o7 5

Oh yeah, Southern Hospitality is real, we're real nice but that doesn't mean we have to like y'all. I just don't care for the northerners/cityfolk's ignorance and their rudeness. "What's a combine?" ......really?

Haha, well my bad. ;) I love other country's accents. Any that don't sound like mine, I love!

Prankster7o7 5

I have both of those, haha. :)

Prankster7o7 5

Yeehaw! Hahaha, what about cowboy hats, wranglers and boots? Hahaha, that's what my wardrobe basically consists of. :P

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well I live in Ohio and I don't think I'm rude ha but does that count as north?

Prankster7o7 5

I'd be inclined to say that's in the Midwest, I know a lot of people in the Midwest and they're just like Southerners.

Prankster7o7 5

I don't know, it's hard to describe. You'd have to hear me talk, but there's times I have the twang, and there's times I have the drawl. It's weird.

Ohio? I don't really know what exactly that's considered. And yes, got to love the cowboy boots(:

I don't really know what the difference between the country or southern accents. They're both good to me.

Prankster7o7 5

Hahaha, I love cowboy boots, that's all I wear. :) Yeah, it's weird how mine is, but I've got one.

bfad2010 0

well I don't have either so I guess I'm just boring :( o well ha

Aww don't worry! You can have the normal boring American accent with me ;)

Interesting 149, I learned something new today :)

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haha I guess I can live with that :)

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2 Jess u know u messin wit their heads man, u actin all nice when u know u a bitch inside. N guys that sittin there flirting, that's sad when y'all doin it on FML. So wit that being said FYL! Oh one more thing....WHO DAT!!!!!!

Haha, alright. :) The cool thing about our accents, is that we can try to talk like all the other accents. I bet that all the other accents try to talk like us too though.

Prankster7o7 5

Nah, Texas is where it's at, you can see the whole country in Texas, the north has the snow, cold weather, and mountains. the east is humid and wet like the swamps, west Texas is as dry as Arizona, and South Texas is coastal areas with tropical/temperate like conditions, and then we have central Texas, with a little bit of everything. :)

153, I treat people how they treat me. If someone treats me like a bitch, I'll be one right back. If someone's nice, then I don't have any reason to be rude to them. Please don't assume that you know what I am, because you don't know anything about me at all. Thanks. :)

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haha i suck at accents, but i don't mind the way I talk it suits me I guess and I'd be lying I'd I said Ohio has anything too special to offer unless u like crazy weather ha

Prankster7o7 5

Oh brother, then you haven't seen anything yet. hahaha, Texas is amazing.

bfad2010 0

yea same ha. night

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Awww Jess did I hurt ur feelings???? :-( ok I'll leave u alone cause this prob the only time someone flirts wit u :-) I'm just sayin like how y'all went from talkin bout the chick goin bald to southern hospitality?? man I'm a New Orleans Bitch straight up n I ain't got no southern hospitality so there ain't no hope here haaahaaa Who Dat!!!

Prankster7o7 5

That's your problem, you went to San Antonio. haha.

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I like chicken.

Prankster7o7 5

That's because your still pissy over your city getting swamped and you know the only reason the Saints won the Superbowl was because of Katrina, so piss off.

C6Racer 0

I like chicken.

Kelita 0

171 Nigga Katrina was in 05, we won in 2010 so how does Katrina have to do wit us winnin in 10?? get ur years right ya hick.

168. Actually, guys flirt with me all the time. This isn't the first. No you didn't hurt my feelings at all. I don't know you, and your opinion of me doesn't effect me since you don't know anything about me either. How about you grow the hell up, and stop judging people, thinking you know who they are and what they're about, when you don't.

Kelita 0

176 I'm off that subject cause I can care less lol So stop whinein about it, let it go lol

I think the real reason you joined this conversation, and tried insulting me, was because you wanted a little attention from the guys there, eh?

Kelita 0

oh n ur 15yrs old, I ain't bout to get started wit Juvy.

Kelita 0

178 ummm yeah I would want attention from guys if I wasn't gay....lmao

Prankster7o7 5

Hahaha, you're just pissy because you probably work at McDonalds, and that's probably all you'll ever do is flip burgers, and I'm pretty sure Jess has guys flirting with her all the time, pretty sure she has to beat them off with a stick.

180, are you a girl or a guy?

Kelita 0

181 nah don't work at McDonalds but sure do love them sweet teas!!! oh n I rather flip burgers any day then clean horse shit ya hick lol oh n Jess, oh dearest Jess.....I'm both.......;-)

Prankster7o7 5

Hahaha, this is funny, we've got ourselves a troll.

Hmm. An annoying troll at that.

Kelita 0

188 A southern troll at that!!! lol ;-)

TayonaC 10

lmfao holy crap you guys are funny. :) Jess you remind me of my friend Sammie :) I like your attitude

Kelita 0

ok peeps well this has been fun but it's 2:40am n I'm tired so off to bed. No need to comment me back cause I won't get it, I usually just go to another FML n forget this one. Well thanks for entertaining me!!! :-) peace!!!! Who Dat!!!

k so clearly I hope u realize ur only saying that cause it's not happening to u. it's easy to say Ul feel this way and that without actually going through it.

Kelita 0

wait, speak about high......that's wuts up. :-)

Haha! Thank you 192 :)

Kelita 0

194.......u got me wit that one.........

Kelita 0

well goodnight! :-) Peace!!!

jeeze kelita ur a bitch. why did u even join this convo in the first place? what was the point?

:) lmao nice pun

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we are kinda rude

sephoraprincess 7

Jess, you really are a good person. I know this is just a website, but I've seen your posts and I really look up to you ;)

Aww, thank you 214!! That means a lot!:D

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hey jessi ur hot

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I adore Jess' attitude, and I'm glad to find someone out there who, like me, accepts thigs the way they are :) Way to go, Jess!

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:( my hair is thinning at 20. I know it sucks.

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lol this is the most positive comment thread I've ever seen on an FML.

Reminds me of instagram.

Who has Instagram it's all about that MySpace. ;)

maybe you shouldn't be drinking so much, that you feel like pulling your own hair out. but still there are plenty of people with wigs put there so don't fret too much.

hey_its_kristi 0

^ this. wigs look really good now. just ask kim on real housewives of atlanta.

TayonaC 10

Haaa! man most of those old bags are ugly, they look like someone stretched their skin far back enough that it could go all the way around them and reach their chin. disgusting

hmm, quite the imagination we got here, don't we? ;D

TayonaC 10

lmfao maybe

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look on the brightside:you dont have to worry about how your going to do your hair everyday, you dont have to check to see if its messed up, or if its oily or dry, no more split ends!:D

and like 83's post, don't have to worry about shampoo money either.

that must sucks so hard for you.

my condoloence to you :P

you'll still be beautiful :)

hmmm you aren't really in a position to make that promise ^_^

Hair today, gone tomorrow! D: I'm sorry though op that sucks!): Hair is purty.

tahvoh 3

thats hott...

It's funny cuz it's the OPPOSITE of hot!

that's just cold...

i see what u did there...

get a new wig every day and freak out your friends

Or get kinky in the bedroom.

Or record your favorite episode of House and watch it every Wednesday!

kingtz 6

FYL op. Sorry to hear about it.

sourgirl101 28

I've seen a lot of girls with that problem. Funny thing is, they all seem to be hairy everywhere else. Truly is weird. Must be a hormone thing. FYL that sucks!

EVERYWHERE else? *shudders*

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lmao yeah I read a FML that says she had hair on her nipples....haha