By never ending story - 20/04/2018 13:00 - United States

Today, it doesn’t matter that I had major surgery on my hand 2 days ago and am supposed to be on bed rest with no hand movement for 3 weeks. According to my father and my husband, it doesn’t excuse me from wifely house duties and being the sole caretaker of our one-year-old. FML
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boopingsnoot 24

1. Hire a babysitter 2. Kick hubby to the curb


boopingsnoot 24

1. Hire a babysitter 2. Kick hubby to the curb

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PenguinPal3017 19

I think you need to find a new family, this one is defective.

"Wifely duties"? When did we go back in time?

To be fair OP might be a stay at home mom, so while the wording might be off it makes sense. Still doesn’t excuse being a huge dick when your supposed loved one just went through major surgery instead of taking care of them. Sounds like OP needs to find a new husband, and slap some sense into her dad while she’s at it.

thatslifeiguess7 16

So you married a chauvinistic jerk like dear old dad. where us mom ro help with the baby?

why does she need a mom to help. she has a perfectly capable husband to take care of the kid. but if he can't help out she needs to kick him to the curb along with pops.

Well, you can't change your dad but maybe a new husband?

Just divorce right now and take the kid so he won't be influenced by your neck beard of a husband. Marriage is partnership contract and not a piece of paper with which you buy a slave. He clearly doesn't respect you nor does he care for his duties as a father so don't waste your time with him. You're better on your own as is your child.

breyes016 11

if he is unable to help you with something like this then just imagine how he will be when something worse happens