By hater - 16/03/2010 10:55

Today, I was proposed to in a McDonald's. FML
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Please, PLEASE tell me he didn't hide the ring in your Big Mac.

So? You were proposed to. Get over it. I was proposed to at home and it was incredibly sweet. Maybe he was waiting for when it felt right and it happened to feel right there. Be thankful you have someone that appreciates you enough to marry you since you obviously don't appreciate him.


Please, PLEASE tell me he didn't hide the ring in your Big Mac.

you just been served, with a side of fries

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I hope he super sized your meal too, after all it was a special occasion!

I'm replying because Mercy told me tooooooo :D ^_^ <_< ^.^ >_>

whiny little **** aren't you? with an attitude like that I'm suprised you got proposed to at all..

Come on, we both know you're not "high class" enough to complain about this.

it's not about high class. it's about being classy. there is a difference.

yeah midget monster... only people who talk about "having class" r upstarts who believe they r classy when they actually aren't... ur pissing me off!! stupid snooty upstart.

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I totally agree with focus... Who cares it was at McDonalds!? Maybe he had something big planned but then just couldn't wait? What a whiney btch!

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Stop bitching, you love him right? Well if you do quit whining and be happy your getting married, but maybe the wedding should be at an in n.' out, they have way better food

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How would you guys feel if you were in a McDonalds, surrounded by the smell of fries and grease, when your man gets down on his knees and asks you to marry him in front of a bunch of... truckers or something. Guys probably don't understand, but girls have been dreaming about being proposed to all their lives and when you get proposed to in a fast food restaurant, it's not as nice as you would want it to be.

op you are a ungrateful bitch and your bf deserves better then u

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Today I got proposed to by my Mr Right. But I was too fussy to accept. Instead I want him to show his unsuitability as a spouse by spending every cent he possesses in hiring an inappropriate venue to propose in the way my childish fantasies expect. My other fantasy is to die as a spinster.

as a side note what does it matter where he proposed as long as you love him does it matter if it wasent perfect if he makes you happy?

And since when the **** is it set in stone that men should always purpose to women.I blame Hollywood for portraying that men should always purpose to women.maybe if you want the"proposal of your dreams" get up and do it yourself or stfu. Thanks : ) haha

Damn it not purpose but propose hehe

your life wins cause you have the smallest fml ever

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stop being such a bitch OP. at least you got proposed to.

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Really? Moron. As soon as I saw this I knew there was gonna be a rush of "well you ungrateful little bitch!" It's a disgusting place to be proposed in, besides the nastiness of the place, smell, grease, BigMacs, (barf) the main reason it sucks ass is it shows he doesn't give a shit. He wants to marry this girl, surely he knows her well enough to know she would hate this and yet he does it anyway. Its not McDonalds, its his utter lack of empathy or concern for her feelings. Which is kind of a big deal in a proposal.

There's nothing to say here except FYL. Next time try burger king so you can have it your way.

lmao I agree. stop butching you greedy ho

Why the hell is everybody like, "oh waa... my boyfriend took me to McDonalds." Or, " boyfriend proposed at McDonalds." I'm sorry but if some chick took me on a date to MceeDees I would be stoked. I'd rub some special sauce on my nipples and have her lick it off.

Yeh uhm.. MF12 im a chick and I dont agree at all with what u said.. sure we dream about it but who gives a flying **** where u get proposed to as long as it happens one day. i bet they had a really romanitc evening after that, that she just isn't saying. and "hater" at least u ******* got propsed to! if i were u i wud be happy that u even got proposed to and stop complaining because ur gonna get married to ur boyfriend who makes u ****** happy and im sure u guys will laugh about where he proposed to you at later and ull realize it didn't matter in the end. god stop ur bitching. furreal. u shud just be happy. it cudda been a lot worse where u got proposed to so shut up

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says the guy with a mcdonalds logo as his picture haha

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well maybe you can sign the divorce papers there too.

that happened to me in the parking lot of mcdonalds

Listen, if you haven't noticed our economy is kind of in the shitter. i bet just by your attitude you most likely aren't the main money provider or even half. people like you are ungrateful and doesn't understand what you go through to make money. also on another note this is the best place to propose. this would explain if you really love him anyone can throw you into a big expensive uncomfortable situation and most everyone is pressured to say yes. if yoi really love him it doesn't matter where you propose. it annoys me how girls really aren't suppose to ask guys out or propose. if you like someone say something. its hard to be a guy knowing she could like you or not but you wony find out unless you stick yourself out there which is hard for many people.

yess exactly. it's not mcdonalds itself (tho that is kinda gross) it's the idea. Hopefully he knows that OP is the romantic type if he feels like he knows her enough to propose. And sorry, but no MickeyDs isn't romantic by most standards. On another note, congrats OP and just try to look on the bright side :)

stfu lalajuice, ur name is lalajuce.

so? atleast someone finally WANTS to marry you, bitch

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ReyEr ftw!!!! :) On another note... I am a chick and totally stand by what I said earlier. OP, Your an ungrateful little whiney bitch. Get over it. It's not the location or even how ROMANTIC the moment is that makes a proposal special. It's the feelings that swell up at the idea of the man you love asking you to spend the rest of his life with you. I would be perfectly happy getting proposed to at McD's even if all it was with was a quarter machine ring at that moment because I know it would be something to laugh about together later.

#135 men propose. little boys wait in fear of it and never get married. and op? u mam, are a b i t c h. ur life is fu cked cuz u are getting married? is that a serious post? i wish he would have proposed at a dump. ungrateful little....

McDonalds is one of the worst places I can think of to be proposed to. It's disgusting. Marriage proposals are supposed to be special, and that doesn't mean that you have to book a fancy restaurant or anything. Find a nice place outside, like a park or something, where it's FREE!

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Well, he obviously wasn't making her happy at that point. The truth is, it's not very nice being proposed to at a fast-food joint. If a guy is going out of his way to propose to her in a public place, he should at least make it somewhere special. It doesn't even have to be at a restaurant; it could be at a park or something. This guy is intending to marry this girl. Proposing at a McDonald's? Doesn't seem like he's putting much effort in this relationship.

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252- u said it allllllll and i COMPLETLY AGREE but the gurl shud dtop bitching um helllo she got proposed to...if she reely loved him it wudnt hav mattered

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I know atleast your proposed OP

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I agree with #118 now #128. understand when we read these FMLs we only get half the story, by calling the OP ungrateful ur showing just how closed minded u are n how desperate u are to be loved that u think being proposed to in a McDonalds is acceptable. HELL to the NO it isn't dude could of taken her to a ******* park(free) and done the shit right.

I'm raising my bullshit flag to this one. what kind of white trash hick proposes to someone in a McDonalds? I personally thing driving thru and proposing in the car would be a more clever idea.

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SO DID I! In like 1st grade. Hahaha

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well hey, Atleast you got proposed to! quit complaining! no one likes whiny bitches! haha

lmao you kidding? maybe he spent all the money he'd use to go to a fancy place on your ring! or maybe he's trying to be cute, be happy someone wanted to marry you!!!!

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I like to believe he substituted the happy meal toy with the ring. that's kind of rad. think if I ever again get engaged I'm going to pull that move. it'd be epic.

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ok really its not the bad id be soo happy if i were you... plus they have awesome fries ;D

tell me you said "he'll no you cheap ass bastard"

**** I keep getting "anti-flood" protection

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OP why do I get the feeling you think you're better than you really are?

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hahah that was funny good one:) #1

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so what? you were proposed to. maybe he likes to keep things simple or maybe when he saw you he decided he couldn't wait any longer. or maybe it was where you met or he first saw you or he asked you out or your first date or first kiss maybe you were there when he decided he loves you. there's always an explanation

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#1 u made that sound like it happened to u!!!!! op grats on being proposed to!!!!!!!

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who cares?? you were proposed to.. does it matter where? your whole life could change because you answer a yes or no question! stop being a whiny person..


i'd give anything just to be proposed to, period. even in a mcdonald's.

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OP ordered a happy meal to feel better:)

fyl, thats all i have to say and j feel sorry for you.

get over it, it's a proposal, what's the big deal? And yes, I am a woman, and yez I am married. People with childish fantasies of proposals just shouldn't get married, they should wait until they've outgrown them!

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I wouldn't like being proposed to there! you want that moment in your life to be special. I know I wouldn't want it to be like that. I'm sorry girl!

wow.... ydi for choose such a scumy boyfriend

#134, my aunt proposed to my uncle. they are happily married with 3 kids. :)

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yes he did put the ring in the big mac fyi

Bull shit, if the man you love proposes you it doesn't matter WHERE that is.

lmfao you are so right! I only know one woman in my entire life that proposed to a was my aunt haha

so much for that no commenting on #1 to get ur thing on top lol

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I have wanted to ask my bf of 5 years to marry me but I am so damn scared that he will say no because he hasn't asked me!! :-(

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heh, i agree. at least you got proposed to. what about the rest of us who didn't get proposed to? ever? eh? any proposal is better than no proposal.

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LMAO. love ur telling of this story :)

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dont worry op, im sure he at least bought youre meal

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it's not about her being a bitch or how much money he's suppose to spend. the fact of the matter is by the time your ready to propose to your significant other you should know what kind of person they are. and he should have known OP well enough to realize a mc.Donald's isn't where she wanted to get engaged. there is no empathy. but it also doesn't mean u have to spend a shit load of money either.

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Will you can I get the big Mac combo yes Pepsi oh yea will you marry me?

awe the day ya met you were shoving a bigmac and fried in your mouth when ya locked eyes he knew he wanted a bite lmao (:

What did you expect, a Royale with Cheese?Or maybe his Mac wasn't Big enough for you?

Ohhh poor OP your getting married boohoo

Yo 194, I see your name is correct, since you've never had me you are in fact Ignorant of the size of my Mac. which my Wife calls the Whopper since we don't even eat at Mickey D's!!

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haha, are you both 13 or what?

lol I roflmao'd at ur profile picture " in china, I'm food!"

pls try to keep your fml more then one line,took me 5 minutes to tap on it my iPhone

just tap below it and use the arrows to go up... wat I did

lol, I just tapped the fml below it and hit the up arrow to get to this fml!

Also took me 19 tries. Coincidentally, I agree, your life does suck 18 times.

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.... I tapped on it directly and in one try... Are iPods and iPhones that different?

thanks havnt thought of that ATTENTION,u can keep your fml a one liner

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OMG me too, I had so much trouble trying to get to it, but still.... did you say yes?

ditto!!! I have no idea how I managed it in the end!!!

I never even thought of hitting the up arrow.. I got so frustrated I just went into safari & then :O

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Ik!! lol took me forever. I used my baby niece's fingers to tap it.

It kept asking me to vote. -_-' (I have an iPod touch)

I have to agree.. doesn't help when your nails are a little long either

#37: you counted how many times you taped the screen? really? something tells me there is some exaggerations going on here!

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you guys all suck .... one try and i nailed it .. on my iphone.. bad eye hand cordination on all of you... except for me

haha so true dude, i was afraid to post that

I got it in one try as well, some people just aren't as coordinated I suppose ^.^

I have an iPhone and I did it on my first try.

Did it on my touch the first try..... not that hard people

yeah,1st time sucked but when I tapped in to it now took me 1 try

I know! It took me forever to get it on my iPod! Haha

I guess some people got at with one try n some people with a few tries cause when it was the latest fml it was against the page celing,now it's not

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that is awesome. were u guys in the ball pit?

be grateful he was willing to marry you despite your standards. If you love em who cares where it was if anything that's pretty unique. I doubt any of your friends will do the same. on a side note maybe because of the money he spent on the ring all he could afford was mcdonalds.

WTF? What is your boyfriend, five? STFU Kazuma, your response is complete garbage.

damn..women are greedy as ****. everything has to go according to their wildest marriage fantasies.

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@53 Is it apparent as to why I'm gay? ;)

tell me about it I feel bad for th op's bf and any guy who thinks miget is a catch. being greedy,self centered, and expect every guy to afford whatever the hell it takes to please him, will not make your marriage a happy one. you will always nitpick at everything he does and never apppreciate his love. so stfu and GTFO.

I'm sorry but MCDONALDS??? my fiancée proposed to me at a lake while we were walking around, it was cheap and easy, and I liked it because at least ge put some thought into it.... I would have been upset if he choose McDonalds to propose...

I feel sorry for both the op and her bf... if he couldn't afford anything else then it's still a really lovely gesture. but girls have all been brought up with the flash romantic proposal which they all expect! it seems unfortunate! besides should the op not be celebrating her engagement than bitching about it on fml? saying that it did give us all a bit of a laugh!

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I can just see it now, this will be the new way to propose, and Kay's or Zales will pick it up and run with: "Nothing quite expresses how much you love her like the big yellow arches!" good luck with him

So? You were proposed to. Get over it. I was proposed to at home and it was incredibly sweet. Maybe he was waiting for when it felt right and it happened to feel right there. Be thankful you have someone that appreciates you enough to marry you since you obviously don't appreciate him.

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it happens. just be happy someone loves you because most of the people on FML don't even have a life! (including me)

#13 & #19 both win big, 19 made me laugh too

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I'd rather be proposed to at home than at mcdonalds.

189, we lived together. I'm just tired of seeing all these "waaah my proposal wasn't like the ones I see on TV" type posts. So he's not the romantic extravagant type. She probably knew that already.