Happy… where d'he go?

By Lonely - 05/09/2021 04:59 - United States

Today, it's our fifth-year anniversary with my boyfriend. I gave him his gift and walked over to the kitchen to serve him some food I'd made. On my way back to the dining room, I overheard his plans with his friend to ditch me in 10 minutes. FML
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I'd ditch him for good

I hope he’s your ex boyfriend now!


I'd ditch him for good

You'd better eat fast then! For wedding anniversaries, the tradition gift for five years is wood and the modern is silverware. For boyfriend/girlfriend anniversaries, the 5-year gift is Abandonment. (At 7 years, you get "This ain't going anywhere")

I hope he’s your ex boyfriend now!

phybreawptic 13

The FML solution is always.. give up immediately. So dumb.