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Today, my boyfriend took me on a surprise date, destination unknown. I dressed up, he had a tux on. We went to McDonalds. FML
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if u dont want ur boyfriend, who has a great sense of humor, can i have him?

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Hahaha eating burgers... With STYLE! x)


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Why go to McDonalds Dont females cook anymore?!?!?

Hey, there's a funny site like FML but where visitors can tell their DARKEST SECRETS to everybody!

it was HIS suprise date. she wasnt the one planning it so why should she cook? ur boyfriend sucks :(

Yeah you got a point He should of made a romantic meal for her that way he shows more effort and he suprises her too.

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she's from Virginia what do you expect Flame On

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wat do u mean " shes from va"... that dnt mean anything!!!

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tfake. I've seen the stupid mcdonalds one like six times.

Perhaps, but i've been planning to propose at McD while wearing a tux. I would've made fancy menus and hire musicians and wait staff

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This should never have been posted. This is not an FML. This is more like a FMLKA (**** My Life Kicks Ass!)

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It is a FML, because it's embarrassing. One time, my ex planned a special Valentine's day date for us. I got dressed up in a dress, faux fur coat, heels, everything, and he was wearing a suit. Turns out, he had assumed we'd be able to get into a nice restaurant without reservations. We ended up going to a chinese buffet, dressed up. It was so embarrassing... dressed up like that at a buffet. People were staring. Not as bad as McD's, of course. And the thing is, I wouldn't have minded going out to that particular restaurant... if we weren't dressed like that.

I don't see how it's embarrassing? When I was in Highschool I worked at Wendy's and there were always people coming in all dressed up. They were coming from weddings, formal dances etc. and got hungry. None of them ever seemed embarrassed to be in there all dressed up.

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It's only embarassing if you're shallow and have no sense of humor. :)

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AGREED! I would love it if my boyfriend would do that! It would be so much fun! Who cares if they look at you? suck it up! standing out is part of life!

HE may be the one that has the sense of humor, but nobody should expect a "special" date that involves dressing up and going to McDonald's.

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I agree with #27. It is embarrassing, especially when you didn't know you were going to McDonalds. It has nothing to do with a lack of humor and being shallow. Personally, I wouldn't mind going on a date to McDonalds -- in regular clothes. I don't want to be misled into thinking I was going to a fancy restaurant, just like the OP had been.

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I can see why you would be embarrassed but if I were in that restaurant and saw you I'd just assume you had been somewhere else before or were going somewhere after that you needed to be dressed up for.

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i absolutely agree with you. i mean wasnt the date a "surprise" date. it woulda been obvious if he took you to a fancy restaurant. plus he had on a tux but did he really ask you to get all dressed up? im pretty sure that one was your idea just because he said it was a suprise. your boyfriend has a great sense of humor appreciate him. plus whats the difference going to ssay apple bees and ordering a burger and goin to mcdonalds and ordering a burger.. geez

I agree with 103. it's not like you will ever see the ppl again and if you do why does it matter they don't know you so why be embarassed.

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Probably because they didn't intend to go there dressed nicely. If you just came from a wedding, it's different. Still, if you are jokingly dressing up to go to Mcdonald's, well, that's hilarious.

ya I mean, ew mcdonalds. but this seems like something the MLIA kids would love.

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i think it's kinda cute cause if he wore a tux then you would assume that he'll bring somewhere nice or grand but then the element of surprise would be lost so he brought you to Mcdonald's. i agree that this is not an fml.

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Hahaha eating burgers... With STYLE! x)

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Exactly! Bringing class to Micky D's!

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Just because your boyfriends cheap doesnt mean you should dump him, maybe he didn't have the money atm.

if u dont want ur boyfriend, who has a great sense of humor, can i have him?

I'd imagine that he'd be quite hurt to know that you wrote this, OP.

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this one is stupid, I mean seriously what are you leaving out? did you go to something special after?

After, she ended up with special sauce one her buns.

That is "on her buns." Damn you auto complete!

Nah, I still found it funny #145. And six other people agree with me