By Ihatemylife - 03/03/2013 12:17 - Slovenia - Ljubljana

Today, in the middle of sex, my girlfriend asked me, "Are you sure you're a guy?" I still have no idea what that was for. FML
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Yeah, I hate it when a penis grows out of your vagina too, it causes so much confusion.

Thailand problems


Bella1987289 5

Well, are you?

Did you ask to cuddle after...

B_CeouL 12

The logical answer would be that he's on the small side or that he's good at it, that she thinks only a woman would know how to hit the right spot.

Bust your nut then roll over and sleep. Question answered....

Tell her " you should ask this loooong dick! Alright alright alriiiiighttt"

JoeGrant 12

She "learned today"!

63, my first thought is exactly yours. My second thought is that she didn't think he knew was he was doing and, instead of suggesting what makes sex enjoyable for her, she made a below-the-belt comment, putting down his manhood. I don't know which is worse.

kate12345678901 15

you must be really small

Gee I'm sure that made OP feel so much better about the situation.

Or his girlfriend is a gaper?

Maybe op just lied still.

She's a bitch!

Well thank you very much for pointing that out!

Thailand problems

karpoi 11

I find that so offensive, since I'm a Thai girl, but it's so funny at the same time. Hahaha.

RedPillSucks 31

Erm.... I don't get it

Then you aren't old enough...

visit Thailand..... or go to some porn site and search for "Thai lady"

Not old enough.....I'm 31 and I don't get it!

Then you simply don't know that Thailand is one of the places with a lot of transgenders. If you visit the country you'll see one, no matter what.

v1kt4r 13

And you KNOW!! Those are some Thailand problems.. My friends went to Thailand and come back talking about "Thailand Problems"

razzledazzle21 23

Go watch The Hangover 2.

I thought it was China that had lots of transgender people, apparently it's both!

Got yourself some moobs?

… like Jabba.

He got dem moobs like Jabba, got dem moooooves like Jabba.

Yeah, I hate it when a penis grows out of your vagina too, it causes so much confusion.

"excuse me while I WHIP THIS OUT!" *crowd screams*

Zhjonin 4

I'm near the top of the list for once!

Yet this is what you post?

Maybe you weren't 'up' for the occasion and that was her (rude) way of asking about it?

I'd hope the OP would be able to notice that. It's the part about him not knowing that makes this one so confusing.

SApprentice 34

"Yeah, I'm sure I'm a guy. I'm a single guy."

Damian95 16

He also could've responded(and been kicked out) with, "Is it even in yet?"

Only someone with balls would say such a statement! :P

Sometimes during sex a person is so dazed that they may say random things like "I lile your feet" or "Oh my god, if dad finds out" just to name a few..This has nothing to do with real life encounters! Moves eyes back and forth.

Yeeeeeeeeah... Speak for yourself, dude.

They're certainly dazed if they say "I lile your feet." What the heck is lile?

lile Web definitions (liling) 1. a. slîlang. holey; full of cracks. § Ûma âka liling âduh. Wamtla na slîlang na. My, your house is full of cracks....