Like a virgin

By chchboy - 22/05/2012 05:05 - United States

Today, I went all the way for the first time with my girlfriend. After I had finished, she asked me, "What just happened? Was that sex?" I wasn't sure either. FML
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SweetlyPsycho 4

If you nor your girlfriend can tell if you had "sex" then I don't think either of you are old enough to be having sex.


MetalxSoldier 26

Well maybe this will help. Sex is when you insert your penis in and out of your girlfriend's ****** until you secrete a whiteish clear liquid. (a penis is the floppy thing between your legs that gets hard when you get excited) (a ****** is the hole that your girlfriend has in the front part of her body where her legs split) You're welcome.

16) I guess there is always attempt number 2.

Wait, if that's what sex is, where do you insert the hamster?

MetalxSoldier 26

Well 24, you can insert it into your inbred sister's anus. I'm sure your kind likes that since you like to incorporate animals in your sexual activities. Whatever makes you happy.

21...shut up. Ur shit makes no sense..

37, it is impolite to talk about one's bowel movements like that.

Boygenius50 8

I have an inbred sister?! I bet she's hot...That's why our mother must have hidden her on Alderaan to keep her away from our dad. That guy will **** anything.

fadingfaith 4

...and that whitish clear liquid is called sperm.

Maybe it would help your situation if you weren't 12 years old. Watch the animal channel too, it might give you some tips. ^^

tjv3 10

Well if your naughty part went inside her no no place then yes it was sex.

147, it's not called sperm. It's called semen. Sperm is in semen, and there are many elements that are combined to make it. Not just sperm.

Inheritance 10

Is that what sex is? Damn! I've been doing it wrong. So what to do with this doll, hmm..

wuffman 10

Technically it's called semen. Sperm is the singular form.

Inheritance 10

159- the scientific name for it is semen; our slang for it is cum or ****. Sperm are micro-organism that impregnate women. Also sperm is pretty much "seeds"

Mhm. Sperm seeds. I use it to quicken the dl of my torrents :P

RedPillSucks 31

You forgot to mention the hand puppets.

Sex is considered any act of oral, vaginal, anal, or digital (hands) sex. This means your not a virgin if you done any of those acts. The reason those are considered sex is because you can get STI's from all of those acts. Yes even using your hands, is you touch your mouth you can get a STI or if you have a open cut on your hand.

It's never good when the girl asks what that was after you finished having sex. You did something wrong if you don't know either.

22cute 17

Maybe not so strange. That's exactly what I thought the first time....was that sex? Is that all there is to it?

It's not strange at all they're Americans their government hates 3 things : weed, free thinking citizens, and teaching safe sex or sex in general. In fact I hear the average lasting time of an American is 3 to 15 minutes that's just pitiful.

HisAngel6511 11

173-Actually pretty much all health classes are is teaching about safe sex, and, trust me, Americans are VERY free thinking. Also, me and my boyfriend last A LOT longer than 15 minutes. ;D It's just the obese people that last that little amount of time.

RedPillSucks 31

Maybe we're just good at getting the girl to reach ******. If you need to take a couple of hours to do it, then 1. you're doing it wrong 2. she'll get bored (Are you done yet???) 3. she'll prune up/dry out

Or maybe she's faking it haha back at ya.

aimeesea75 16

Doesn't matter, might have had sex

AppallingRogue 2

I just had sex and it felt so....

I think a woman let me put my penis inside of her Yeeeah I might have just had sex,

shizzlemonkeys 5

love how theres' 69 likes for this comment. LOL

That's the usual sequence of things. People like comments on FML. So far, none have had their comments Liked enough times to get over 9,000.

nofearjenshere 12

12- Your name goes well with this FML.

calilovergirl 4

Not necessarily! The way he put it "went all the way" could have a totally different meaning, especially if he is that unsure he had sex. People worry me. But nothing like having an imagination!

Inheritance 10

Might've had a bag over their heads, but hey still counts.

91- sooner or later there will be 69 people who thumbed down your comment.

I was the 69th after reading this comment ??

the_smart_way 10
SystemofaBlink41 27

No, the're talking about perfect.

No practice make permanent. You have to practice perfectly.

Ilovemaddy2011 3

Hey bud don't feel bad, I've been on the same trip. I've only had sex with one girl and we've been together for two years now. Anyways what I'm trying to say is that the first time I ****** her it was like 5 seconds, I was like WTF *facepalm*!!! But believe me bud it gets better, you'll build your stamina, with practice of course!!! Foreplay before is always nice to! Try to bust a nutm before you go in for the pink alight :) good luck!

MrBrightside21 20

It's not about the game, it's about PRACTICE.

So, OP, how did you know that you went all the way?

Were you drunk ? Either way sex is sex .

SweetlyPsycho 4

If you nor your girlfriend can tell if you had "sex" then I don't think either of you are old enough to be having sex.

Certainly not mature enough nor informed enough!

OP's username is chchboy. If that stands for church boy, then that could be a reason for his ignorance if he has super sheltering parents. Either that or he is way too young. But definitely not nearly informed enough, I hope they used a condom.

99 - Actually it's the only way his mom can get him to eat vegetables "choo choo! here comes the broccoli train!"

I think the exact same thing, they sound like 12 year olds :/

duckie227 22

Somebody doesn't watch enough **** on his free time

I think this kid needs sex ed. Not **** , he has to know how to identify genitals , in **** every body part is considered a genital.

duckie227 22

Ahh. Very true. Never thought of that :-)

luckyd880 12

Ear sex. **** makes the impossible. Possible. Ok it was family guy but I'll bet **** will do it next.

Trust me, **** is DEFINITELY not the way to go for anyone, especially if they're preparing to lose their V card

KaelaKhaotic 5

By using the term 'all the way', and her asking if that was sex or not pretty much sums up that you are way too young to be having sex in the first place.

Either that or twenty year old virgins

1710_fml 0

But the way it sounds your not old enough either just saying

111- and the way it looks, you shouldn't be on this website, because they don't have internet in jail.

1710_fml 0

Great comment stupid ass holes

1710_fml 0

Good come back best one your gonna see is all over the side of your face