By fml1977 - 04/03/2010 06:43 - United States

Today, in the middle of having sex, my girlfriend stopped moaning. I asked what was wrong. She said, "I'm bored." FML
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kirbcheck76 3

does your hand fall asleep also?

li_vikki 0

you needa do a better job then


li_vikki 0

you needa do a better job then

mmm or nasal technology haha

Melkezidech 0

Finish in her eye.

Rawr0_oRawr0_o 0

baby penis =D

pepper3434 0

Hahaha #34! Shane Dawson XD

noobgang7 5

at least he got his dick wet lmao

why do you think there are so many different postitions... of course it'll get a little monotonous if you stick with the same one

tinkerbell1357 0

YDI... try better next Time... FYL!!!

I take it OP is a newbie to sex

killerviral 0

time for 69!!!!!!$!!!!!!!?,!!!!?!?!?'desycxfjgxtdjahhsuddsrbutz jc. kckc c. ych. ucv.

dan13mey 0

I take #60 is experienced?

#60 is somewhat experience? Can I try you?

TempestJones 0

lmao at Talonz!!! Point! OP: try watching a few good pornos and reading several books... You'll get it down.

blitzen123 0

Once again, I agree with mfmlifesrsly.

fallingpoint 0


Who fucking cares? Get your nut, roll over and go to bed. It doesn't matter if she's bored or not. And if you're still concerned, penatrate deeply and stimulate the clitoris simultaneously.

meintx2001 1

ouch... point, game, match

@93 and 99 maybe ;)

if you can't please her with your Peter go down and eat her!

nathancif 1


Felendris 0

sexy. ...not.

haha. Number 34 (: geez mayb your just not that good soorrryyy.

thts ok she probly just has A.D.D.

Pearljammer001 0

more like justin bieber!

107 lol prolly get it 'up' but ydi OP, that sucks but that's all you man

hey #56. you wanna show me those positions? ;)

lol sure thang

cater2U 0

yup faking it works almost everytime.

fizzymonsterman 0

what the fuck?

22cute 17

porn is the WORST thing for a man to improve his skills. All the women are faking. It's solely for MENs entertainment- like WWL wrestling

Anonnamus 0

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or time to get some pills ;)

that happens a lot with me lolz

FYLDeep 25

You would think that sex would be the most exciting thing she does living in Indiana.

myman47 0

idk I'm not usualy in to red heads but 123 def has it goig on

PhishloverA 14

#2 maybe OP doesn't want just sex. So no it's not time for a new girlfriend

kirbcheck76 3

does your hand fall asleep also?

Buchitoo 4


yourlifesfucked 0

ok this guy wins 3 internets

WOW  at first I was like NO THEY DIDNT!!! And after the little  phrase I couldn't help but to literally ROFLMFAO 

this is an unnecessary amount of freaking smiley faces......and dude get over it if you keep thinking about it you will get worse...

tinkerbell1357 0

sux fo u !!!

when your dick stops working, start using your tounge!

killabeast1 0

hahaha practice makes perfect?

22cute 17

Not really, imagination makes better. Empathy makes magnificent. Practice only makes more women bored.

hahahaha fail

If it's your first time, FYL. Anymore and YDI.

tyrob911 0

lol it's hella creepy. I read his comment and looked at the pic and I was like WTF

LOL SAME HERE...... GET AWAY HES CASTIN A SPELL ON YOU WITH HIS EYES. HE'S GONNA REACH OUT AND PULL YOU IN TO HAVE AN (attempted) RAPE ON YOU  I kill me. lol awww I was hopin it sounded more random ............PEANUT BUTTER COMES FROM MONKEYS >:D ......... much better lol


#9 are like 12 years old or something?

MellowYelloe 0

Tripout. Why the many smilies? That dude may look like he's 12, but you type like your 12.

if tripout isn't trolling then he's what's wrong with the world.

iSwag 0

hahaha Parkourist FTW LMAO!

you should have made it interesing right there. you should have shoved it in her ass!!! that would have made it interesing.

You're not doing it right if she gets bored! Remember girls are in different gears than men when it comes to sex, when you're in 4th gear she's only in 1st or 2nd, pay attention to where she is and you'll do better!

cincyboy 0

I'm pretty sure you girlfriend should be saying FML

your both robots? awesome! robot sex

cantfightfate 0

yeah I'm sure he really has "gears." don't take it so literally, this guys onto something.

supastarr 0

you know what really grinds his gears?

^^^ ya, his sister.

It's her fault for pretending to enjoy it. Why should he assume she's bored if she's moaning?

bfffness 0

play with her clit... then ask her if she's bored.