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  protwtf  |  0

Who fucking cares? Get your nut, roll over and go to bed. It doesn't matter if she's bored or not. And if you're still concerned, penatrate deeply and stimulate the clitoris simultaneously.

  22cute  |  17

porn is the WORST thing for a man to improve his skills. All the women are faking. It's solely for MENs entertainment- like WWL wrestling

  Tripout  |  0

WOW  at first I was like NO THEY DIDNT!!! And after the little  phrase I couldn't help but to literally ROFLMFAO 

  Tripout  |  0

LOL SAME HERE...... GET AWAY HES CASTIN A SPELL ON YOU WITH HIS EYES. HE'S GONNA REACH OUT AND PULL YOU IN TO HAVE AN (attempted) RAPE ON YOU  I kill me. lol awww I was hopin it sounded more random ............PEANUT BUTTER COMES FROM MONKEYS >:D ......... much better lol

By  Eddie_Paints  |  0

You're not doing it right if she gets bored!
Remember girls are in different gears than men when it comes to sex, when you're in 4th gear she's only in 1st or 2nd, pay attention to where she is and you'll do better!