By anun - 14/01/2014 14:06 - Australia

Today, my girlfriend asked me, "Is it in yet?" FML
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shoulda taken it out, and put it in her butt and said "feel it now??"

Newbie21 1

well is it? lol


Newbie21 1

well is it? lol

frankie1331 0

i know right was it in?!

greendaygirl999 5

*cough cough 3 inch cough cough* xD

ouch, that would have sucked, no really if she can't feel it there then try her mouth

eehizle 0

use your tounge. or is that 2" as well?

Jbiebs82 0

You knew exactaly what I was thinking @#1

she was just asking if her foot was in the shoe he was holding down for her, wats the big deal?? 

Vincanety 0

if she can't feel it make the birch feel it baseball bat

A question you will be asked the rest of your life

fucking_dev 2

I take it or probably was ..

gardner010 0


That's what she said! Lol.

KatherineAnne 7

I'd ask my bf that just to tease him... I KNOW I'll feel it when we finally do it... :P

sxychik 4

I asked ne boyfriend the same question :P

KyleSays1 0

ohh i would never get asked that with a foot long babe

KyleSays1 0

@#3 ur hot :)

agreed kyle! hahaha

agreed too. (.)(.)

lol that must be demoralizing for him. and I agree your hot

Angi95 3

Wow. Just wow.

of course shes hot, shes from vancouver! :D

1800getalife 0

haha urs is still a little boy fyl

shoulda taken it out, and put it in her butt and said "feel it now??"

hahaha good on ya

tpm45 25

Shoulda told her that you couldn't tell cuz she was too damn loose from shoving her head up there.

gatorgirl7563 22

No. Don't do that without permission... unless you want her to return the favor one dark night.

FYL well u can still do some oral Sex lols

maybe she is just that loose lol

ruinit 0

maybe his dick is just small.....

redsox4021 0

maybe you moms dick is small!!!!!

maybe so loose that it would be like throwing a banana into a tunnel

rasellersjr 0

or a hotdog down a hallway

or a toothpick in a volcano

KatherineAnne 7

It a goat in a pickle jar...

ABarrelHorseGirl 8

149, you ruined it. Had a good joke going and you walk in with a goat in a ******* pickle jar. You're a disappointment to this comment thread.

mindfreak117 4

I agree with #6.