By wannadi - United States - Camden
Today, I was told by co-workers with whom I have worked for 2 years that I tan too much and dye my hair black too often. I'm from the Middle East and have never tanned nor dyed my hair. My co-workers think I'm a wannabe. FML
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  rs89  |  20

as for me, I look a wannabe arab in the middle east with my fair looks though I was born and raised here... I guess ethnicity is overrated !

  CubanBitchh  |  10

I'm Cuban, and I'm very pale and I speak English fluently, even though Spanish is my native language. Then when I speak Spanish, people are all freaked out because they expect all Hispanics to be tan or to be Mexican, and I'm the only Cuban in my school. It's so annoying -.-

  TrinityisLife  |  22

Nah, we are. We just have fucking morons who were born here that think everyone's supposed to look like them or or else they're faking a ethnicity, especially in the eastern side of the state.

By  ZombieSazza  |  34

Sounds like they're jealous, just tell them you don't tan nor do you dye your hair, you come from the middle-east and your natural appearance has nothing to do with them. It's not your fault they appear to care more about your appearance more than their own and they should concentrate on themselves.

  perdix  |  29

#16, when you carry 8 boxes of Eggos in your carry-on luggage, you're going to get randomly screened!

In most parts of the world, Eggos are locally available so you don't need to bring your own.