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By KaRaSu - 22/11/2008 12:24 - France

Today, while I was having sex with my girlfriend, she suddenly said : "Are you going to be done any time soon?" FML
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I'll tell you why she said it. She was BORED. I get bored easily during sex. Vaginal intercourse does little for me. Pleasure her.


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psh! I've said that plenty of times to various boyfriends.

you should have said, if u rly want we can do it in the ass

"whilst"? Are you kinky for Shakespeare?

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#10 win....xD probably you need to bond a little it'll be pleasent for both... and btw...i don't know how this is a FML...

#8, Aussies and Brits say whilst. Not everyone is American, you know.

I agree with #10. What else is there to do? Get off her?

Maybe you should learn how to pleasure your GF, just a thought.