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Today, I was having sex with my girlfriend. Things got heated and I yelled, "Who's your daddy?" With a blank expression she replied, "I don't know." FML
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I never have a girl call me daddy it's just weird and a turn off like I'm not trying to role play incest haha

Saying who's your daddy during sex is creepy as ****.


Sexy talk can turn to awkward talk real quick ..

Sexy talk? Asking who's your daddy is not sexy, it's very weird lol

Exactly. If a guy ever said that to me I would yell back, "WHO'S YO MOMMA?" And if he didn't get the hint, thinking it'd be me. I would tell him he's a dumb ass and spell it out for him.

Calling someone "daddy" in bed isn't all that weird. I mean, it's a fetish thing, and a pretty tame one at that if you've ever looked into different fetishes. It ties into the dominant/submissive fetish. Some doms like to be called daddy, and might refer to their subs with pet names as well (****, baby, fucktoy etc) Different strokes for different folks :)

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But that's definitely something you should discuss beforehand. Especially if you're planning on having a dom/sub relationship.

Thats not sexy talk, thats icky! It's also not some dom/sub thing, its just icky! I was abused as a child, the idea that anyone gets their rocks off from someone calling them daddy while having sex is so upsetting. I dont want my child calling out daddy while havimg sex and I would send my husband packing if he started some sick daddy/child sex fettish. I know I sound close minded and judgmental but really I am not, but this is a hard line for me and it makes me sick.

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Hahaha I really feel people aren't getting the poorly-spelled genius of this joke!

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lol.. she should have searched her feelings

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This is the part where you say something like "I'm your daddy!", give her a tap on the posterior, and continue on your way. There is not much chance she was actually bothered by your question, just a bit flustered, and maybe confused by the question if she is new to the dirty talk scene.

That may be the most polite way I've ever seen someone write "smack their ass".

But if she is actually bothered by the question, that's a quick way to make it much, much worse.

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Thank you, I do try to be polite. :)

I never have a girl call me daddy it's just weird and a turn off like I'm not trying to role play incest haha

Yeah, seconded. The last thing I want to think about when I'm having sex is my dad.

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So why do most people call each other baby? That's the worst kind of incest! It's your infant! The point is: You can't think of it in that way. Because it's not meant in an incest way.

I never thought about the "incest" part of it. Now it'll turn me on even more!

Saying who's your daddy during sex is creepy as ****.

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But your partner calling you "baby" is cute? I mean, it isn't my thing either but it's really no different.

Baby sounds weird. I prefer babe, I think it's cute. However calling your boyfriend / husband babe; is a LOT different them calling them daddy. Who wants to think of their father during sex? Ahhhh yuck. I still remember when I was 15 and my dad said, "If you ever have sex. Make sure to picture my face like this!" *pulls a horrified double chin face*

When you call someone your "baby", you're not saying "you're my child". You're saying "you're someone I feel affection toward and I'm protective of my relationship with you". "Daddy" really doesn't have any other connotations, unless you're a pimp, I guess. :/

You are a male figure in my life. You ride my ass all the time. See? It's not that hard if you try. But seriously you can hardly say that saying "baby" is less creepy than "daddy". In spanish calling your wife daughter or mom is not weird. Your mom can also call you daddy. Its not weird if you don't make it weird.

I was going to point out the other language things as well. It's common in other languages to call spouses mama, papa, papi, etc. It probably stemmed from this practice.

Agreed. If they're in a relationship and they are comfortable enough for sex, then OP should've known that she didn't know her father. Either that or I misinterpreted the whole situation and she was just not used to people saying stuff like that during sex

Unless she wouldn't call him daddy because he hadn't earned it yet and was prematurely tooting his own horn...

I think you got down voted because people don't understand what you mean by, "earned" it. As an avid D/d kinkster. I totally understand where you're coming from. Good on you! :)

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YDI cause doesnt matter had sex

#54 I'm also very confused by his comment. Is it trying to communicate with us?

'Twas a poorly-thought out "I Just Had Sex" reference

could've been worse... she could've slapped you n left cuz that's creepy as f