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Today, my girlfriend noticed that I looked upset and asked me what was wrong. I told her I was sexually frustrated. Her response? "What are you telling me for?" FML
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Because you asked, bitch. Proper answer.

With her attitude, might as well use your hand.


Because you asked, bitch. Proper answer.

However, with that response he will be sexually frustrated for weeks on end now. I don't think there is any way to win here.

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From her response, I think OP would have been sexually frustrated for weeks anyway.

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With her response I'd just take that as I'm allowed to go have sex with other girls. (:

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Very good point. But I'd like to think Op would have gotten the hint in her tone of voice, unless she really is that big of a bitch. In any case it would be best to make sure she has absolutely no interest in him before assuming he can go after another girl

Also true. I had not considered the tone, I apologize. As well, there are worse cases where people feed off the love of the significant other. Not giving a **** about you one day, cherishing you the other. If this is the case, then I believe OP definitely needs to consider his options.

Also true. I admit that I myself havent taken the time to seriously analyze this type of thing, I apologize.

Its great to have everything understood :). I'm new to this community, so i try to be understanding of the situation and accept when i know I'm wrong. Thanks again :).

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Maybe it's not her fault that they have not been having sex. Its possible OP never tries to be romantic and seduce her. It's also seems possible that he is not even trying because otherwise she would already know how he feels because she turns him down all the time.

You would discuss sex with your best friend as opposed to your girlfriend? Something tells me that if this is what you do, you're probably a female. Am I right?

149- Am I a girl? Not in the slightest. Was I misguided? Yes. Did I learn from my mistake and assumption? Yes again. No matter what we do here, we end up learning something. Should you have read the comments after mine? Probably. Assuming makes an ass out of you and me, as they say.

Elena & Random. Just screw and get it over with.

Or maybe she means it as, do something about it, don't just sit there and talk about it

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I want to input one thing here. #76 your opinion can't be wrong. That's why it's an opinion. Even if you said something like, "Hitler is my 1337 YOLO brother from another mother" that's your opinion. You do not need to apologize for your opinion, either. All in my own humble opinion.

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"So i cant barrow your hand for a few minutes?"

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218. The word is borrow. The answer to your question is No thanks:) lol

With her attitude, might as well use your hand.

Use it to swear on the bible that you'll never resort to hitting a girl.

Sorry. Totally read your comment the wrong way. I thought you meant hit her, not **********.

Yeah! At least the hand won't really bitch at you like this. Hands are always good listeners; though, I never really got one to actually give me a response. The shy-type, I suppose :P.

64- my hands type messages all the time though! I always mess up too, so I think they control themselves.

But don't we usually type messages to other people? Maybe my hands are tired of me :(.

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139- Jill is only ***** is she's cheating on you.

Driblets 8

47- I read your description and it isn't entirely true! It says that you make mistakes on purpose... Boom. Let the down votes come.

"might as well use your hand"...or her best friend.

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Yes, that's clearly the correct course of action.

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You're the kind of person that makes society think that kind of stupid shit is actually okay. No. I refuse.

Congratulations, Rodders. This has the potential for getting the most thumbs down ever.

No, I think the whole "I finally got a comment" comments usually get pretty bad...

one11oh 2

What a wonderful solution, It'll make everything better if you cheat, sure.

10 Wait so you're telling me it doesn't work that way? Damn!


#83 = Duck face, boobs stuck out and a mirror shot. I think we have ourselves a winner.

You also forgot that her ass is sticking out to keep the boob/ass ratio in balance for the picture

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U r a bitch the girl who said cheat on her THTS Wat I do

83- Cheating would fix the sexual frustration, yes, but then his girlfriend would dump him. That's what I would do.

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doc it won't unless it gets over 4000 thumbs

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#3- get a significant other, go through rough patch, have them cheat on you and then tell us your opinion.

I kind of want to see the comment that got over 4000 thumbs down.

syley 5

189 is correct I saw a comment with over 4300 down in the best of section (the first one in all) you're welcome curious people.

Thank you, syley. That is quite something...

So what does being sexual frustrated entail?

It entails not getting sex, thus being horny and frustrated about it. Need a chart?

Okay then, **** her. No pun intended.

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It entails not getting any tail.

#15-I read your reply in Stewie's voice..

KiddNYC1O 20

208- Emphasis on sex, horny, frustrated and chart.

208, I read Your reply in squidward's voice, and it still wasn't original.

Perhaps she isn't physically attracted to you. Try again.

XTheDesertSongX 17

Perhaps that was extremely overly analyzed.

5- You speak as if she's some kind of ******* magic 8-ball. Sounds like YOU need to "try again".

That was the point. As if it was machine-like.

Oh, I see what you did there xD! Would've been better though if OP's girlfriend actually responded like a robot, don't you think (either way this is indeed an unfortunate situation for OP)?

Say: Because I didn't think you liege ******* yourself but apparently you do, so go do that.

LiterOfCola 16

Maybe you should've told her in the first place instead of passive aggressively looking upset to make her feel guilty

Agreed. I feel like the op didn't handle the situation very well. Communication is key!

Perhaps the Op did not realize they were "Passive aggressively" looking upset. A person can be trying very, very hard not to look upset and it may still be an obvious fact. Don't assume that the OP looking upset was an attempt to guilt trip her on his part, it could have just been that he has poor acting skills.

LiterOfCola 16

As a guy, I find it quite easy to suppress my emotions. I used to feel like OP did but respected my girl enough to say nothing or talk to her without pressure and never in the moment. I realize not everyone is like that but it seams clear to me that OP was in fact being passive agressive. If he didn't want her to know he's upset at all he would've said "nothing" or something along those lines when she asked. But he told her right away, so he obviously wanted her to know and thus should've talked to her about it in the first place instead of being passive aggressive.

ArmlessSkydiver 7

Did you expect her to tell you that its ok that your failing in the bedroom?

nice attitude... Maybe stop showing on a public site how narrow-minded you are?

the_derps 4

"stop being narrow minded," cried the boy who probably assumes every sexual problem is the fault of women.

Yeah, because that BOY'S comment totally implied that >_<. Now I feel less feminine :(

Where does it imply he's failing anywhere?

ArmlessSkydiver 7

And that would b her que to get NAKED!

Rddvl 11

*be, *cue I just could not help it.

I don't blame you, 26. We need to straighten these idiots out.

Apologies, I did not explain myself. I was implying he should join the queue - there seem to be a lot of frustrated people here, thus a long queue is forming.

Ok 122! That would be her cue to get naked! Are u ******* happy now ball sack?

Next time, just take her. Women tend to like when men take charge. That way your sexual frustration vanishes, you're both happy, and everyone wins. If she doesn't like that, well you're just screwed. Not literally.

If more men knew this trick, there would be a lot more women 'being taken... And not liking it'.

Yeah, Doc totally implied men go rape women... For sure... He didn't mean to take charge in the bedroom with a woman the dude's already with in an attempt to please her by showing natural dominance... No, not at all.... He obviously meant the worst thing.

the_derps 4

"natural dominance"? LOL LOL LOL

No, no, no Doc, not 'just take her'. Just give her an amazing foreplay and then take her. Gosh, guys need to learn the importance of foreplay - not saying that you don't, Doc, but if OP really thinks saying "I'm sexually frustrated" will give him some hot, sweaty sex, I don't think he knows how the female mind works.

DjeePee - Don't misunderstand me. Good sex often includes great foreplay, but some of the best sex is "Wham, bam, thank you ma'am!"

That's true, Doc, but that's only possible if the girl has some sexual desire. I don't know if I'm weird, but I sometimes have asexual moments: no sexual desire at all - I can then even watch romantic/hot sex scenes without getting horny. If my boyfriend then has an "Wham, bam, thank you ma'am!"-attitude, I'll just give him the stare of death until his penis has crawl back into his body. Maybe it's better for OP if he plays for safe and goes for the fantastic foreplay - his girlfriend probably loves sex more when she once gets all the attention. The "Wham, bam, thank you ma'am!" (love this expression!) action can always come on a better time, like when they are not frustrated.

I agree with doc. Guys need to take more control. I hate talking about sex or feel like I'm being asked for it to the point where even if I am interested and I usually am. Asking or talking about sex always turns me off.

thrAsHeRr9081 16

I feel extremely bad for your husband, 163.

179- Doc meant more along the lines..... Ok example; let's say you're doing dishes, your husband comes in, kissing and hugging against you, he makes a move to pull down your pants and do it right there.... You wouldn't accept? Man! That's the best sex ever! But to each their own....

simplylost643 0

#179- If you would attempt to assault your husband because he desires to take charge in a sexual situation, then you may have trust issues. I suggest a counseler may be able to help you with that. There's a pretty big ocean between your husband/boyfriend sharing sexual excitement and rape.

I don't think anyone is talking about "forcing themselves" on anyone or disrespecting anyone. We are talking about spontaneity. If you simply reply to and advance with, "hey there, sorry I'm not in the mood right now," then your SO will back off (if he respects you, which obviously your husband does). So why the heck does that call for an assault?

Sorry, 225, but your "polar opposite sex drives" seem to me to be incompatibility. I'm sure there are other things that keep you guys together, but it's certainly not sex.

jeremy4719 0

It's not a matter of being kept together by only sex, but I kind of feel sorry for your husband. Does he have to make an appointment before he can touch you? Book it into your schedule so you know exactly when to be prepared for someone 'groping' you? Rape is wrong, but coming on to your partner is not assault or rape (provided of course you respect their boundaries and stop should they ask you to). Are you seriously telling me he has to ask you prior to every time he touches you? That sounds so... unpleasurable. Some of the best moments are your SO coming up behind you and kissing the back of your neck while you're doing the dishes, or sneaking a kiss or touch while you're cuddling on the couch.

206, you can lean your head back and use the age old lie of 'I have a headache' or just say 'not right now, I want to get this done.' None of us are in any way saying FORCE. We are just saying 'taking control' as in trying spontaneously.