By furious at five in the morning - 02/07/2012 12:36 - United States - Mount Vernon

Today, I woke up at 5 am to the voices of my husband, who I gave my blessing to go out last night, and his buddies entering our apartment. They came here because the buddy who had planned to house them had no beer. They are drunk, drinking on our porch, shaving my husband's head. FML
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Hubby: Bless me wifey, for I have sinned... OP: You are forgiven, my hubby. Now go forth and sin no more... Hubby: What!? Hell no!!!! OP: Ok boys, hold him down and shave his head. If he doesn't repent, then continue with the pubes.

You have to give your husband a blessing to go out with his friends?


Join the party! :D

At least they're home and not out screwing random girls.

At least they are home and not out screwing random women.

XxxT3rr4xxX 25

ah the effects of alcohol ... :P

Pretty sure she doesn't care who his friends screw. In fact, I think she'd prefer them screwing random women while her husband is at home, with a luscious head of hair.

"they" ...sorry I meant her husband.

At least you could fuck any of his buds and not get caught! Sweet revenge

You have to give your husband a blessing to go out with his friends?

If your live-in boyfriend or husband is gonna go get wasted and stay out the whole night, then I agree they need permission. You'll be home up all night worrying.

Well, you can always go out without your partner's blessing, but I think it's just a simple sign of respect to ask if (s)he is okay with it. You never know, maybe (s)he planned something for that moment. Also, it shows that you care about his/her opinion.

Look what you did by giving him your blessing

Naturally. Take it from me - ALWAYS get the all clear from the wife. That way, whatever happens and however drunk you return home - she said it was OK and therefore can't bitch (but she will anyway).

If my partner asks to go out I get kind of annoyed. He is a person too, he can make his own plans with his own friends! If he didn't tell me, I'd be annoyed, not if he didn't ask...

So a grown adult needs permission? Ha! F you

Happy wife, happy life.

Did you give him a Hall Pass too?

No. She probably have him an office referral though..

53 - I think you missed the reference.

Hubby: Bless me wifey, for I have sinned... OP: You are forgiven, my hubby. Now go forth and sin no more... Hubby: What!? Hell no!!!! OP: Ok boys, hold him down and shave his head. If he doesn't repent, then continue with the pubes.

Never expected to hear you say that Pervy Sage...

I chuckled a little when I read this :)

just hope they dont shave the other head.

5 - What the fuck type of profile picture is that???

It's the right kind, 15.

damn right 26. that was a comment fail on my part though^^ sorry everyone.

There is no such thing as a comment fail when it is accompanied by THAT picture. Amazing.

Imma have nightmares from your profile picture. Lol

#5 - Your pic reminds me of my pug ... His name is Wiggly :)

that is a messed up dog.

Um what do u mean "other head" pubic hair? Umm ew he better shave down there! That's gross with hair.

Perfect time to use the chemotherapy excuse.

There is never a good time to lie about having cancer.

That's pretty fucking low mate, even as a joke.

As a cancer survivor F*** Y**

I'm with 25, FUCK YOU to joke about cancer dude. My father had it, and luckily survived. My childhood friend's mom had it, and survived but she almost has no voice now. And another close childhood friend of mine's father had it, and he died when we were 10. I hope you burn in hell 6, there's NEVER a time or place to joke about such a thing

28- Amen brother.

28 - Actually after 22.3 years...

Actually, I think the unwritten rule is similar to the N word and black people: You're allowed to joke about it if you have cancer, have survived cancer, or are/have been the caretaker of someone with cancer.

Really? Is this the way how humour works? "You are only allowed make jokes about horrible diseases/muslims/black people/mentally or physically challenged people/(non-)religious people...if you are/know one of them!" and "You can't make jokes about anything that's painful in life!" You all realize that jokes are meant to deal with the bitch sides of life, right? Edit: and ofcourse wishing someone to 'burn in hell' is very respectful from your side.

Could be worse at least he came home and didn't go to some woman's house

I don't understand why everyone needs to give each other blessings to go out and party. Im pretty sure everyone needs a night away from their significant other once in a while. That sucks for your husband though. You should record his reaction when he looks in the mirror in the morning.

Yes I understand that but telling them and asking for permission are two different things. Just like I'll tell him I'm going to the movies with some friends, an yea I'll tell him who I'm going with so he knows, but I'm not going to ASK him for permission to go knowing we have nothing planned. Maybe I should have re-worded that differently.

I totally agree with you #9. It makes no sense.

Ok ignore my comment... -_- I showed my friend this FML site and she goes and makes me look stupid with this comment. I'm a married woman with a 3 year old. I don't have time to go out much but yet I still ask my husband if I want to go out. You're absolutely right. First commenter. I don't remember your number. Sorry. And some of you may think I'm stupid for letting her play with this site but I don't care for what people say on here. I just read the FML's, laugh and get off. That is all.

unknown_user5566 26

FMLs make you get off? Kinky.

#9 I totally agree. I feel kinda sorry for all these peoples partners... Having to get permission :S I think that shows a lot of bad things about your relationships.

Maybe he'll look better bald. I mean, look at Patrick Stewart...

Bad example... That's like saying girls shaving their head is hot. Look at Brittany spears 8 years ago.

Or Natalie Portman.... Mmmmm

No000 you are not allowed to by an xbox!!

'xcuse me, dear... What the hell are you talking about?

#12 Is obviously playing the role of the wife not giving permission for the husband to buy an Xbox. Don't worry #12, someone understands your random, non-random comment :)