By Apparentlycreepy - United States
Today, I got rejected by two different guys. One was my ex-boyfriend who said he wanted to keep our friendship, and the other was a guy I went on a date with who faked a European accent the whole time during our date despite him being born and raised in Texas. FML
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  Tancaliel  |  12

Exactly what I was about to say. Each country clearly has its own accent (well, and language, even...)
I hope OP doesn't think Europe is just one big country. O.o

  cptmorgan15  |  2

Have you ever heard a New England accent? It sounds nothing like any European accent. Chances are he tried a British accent because it's probably the easiest one for any American.

  RedPillSucks  |  31

Yes, I've heard both and I didn't say they were the same. Either or doesn't have to mean both. If she refers to a European accent, she's generalizing. A lot of Americans aren't familiar enough with "European" accents at all, so anything that sounds vaguely foreign will fit. If someone's never left Texas, they may very well mistake a New England accent for something "European". I'm not saying that they'll be right.