By 12693 - 24/10/2012 17:35 - Australia - Perth

Today, there was a horrible smell in my kitchen. I tried to find the source, but failed and had to leave for the day. That night, my brother informed me that the smell was coming from a dead mouse stuck in our toaster. FML
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sovetskiy 8

Was it cooking inside the toaster? Or had it just crawled in and died?


Toasted mouse bits: the next fad in gourmet dining.

Looks like Remy fell in, no? Now he really is making Ratatouille.

20- Remy's a rat, OP's problem is a mouse... just sayin

#27 Looks like the cats in your pic are giving a high five for this FML. They are like..Hell ya toasted mouse .

ruabadfishtoo 0

Should've made sure the toaster was squeaky clean... No? Okay then.

I hope he didn't eat the toast. Yuck!

Your picture pisses me off and scares me at the same time.

sovetskiy 8

Was it cooking inside the toaster? Or had it just crawled in and died?

Just imagine if it had been there for days, and they have used the toaster. Mmm that bread.

Uhm yeah? Last time I checked toast=bread. And I wouldn't want to eat a bread that's been toasted together with a dead mouse.

I think 49 was making a joke, in your previous comment when you said "Mmm that bread", he said toasters make toast, so in this case it would be : Mmm that toast. Maybe that made sense.

Yeah, it looks to me like she got that, but toast is still bread.

Yeah, I re-read the comment after I posted mine. Then I realized my own stupidity.

What does that have to do with anything..?

Mods, please edit this guy's comment to say something ridiculous. This guy deserves to be trolled.

Groceries couldn't get any cheaper! Yum.

Fried Rodent, sounds like something the Chinese would find delish

Eww, i really really feel bad for you guys.. That must really stinks !