By GirlfriendsAreBadForYourBack - 06/08/2013 16:01 - United States - Lynbrook

Today, I was feeling down because I always think that I'm overweight. My boyfriend tried to prove me wrong by lifting me up. I threw his back out. FML
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...Or he could have just lifted her up wrong.

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I think a better solution would be to encourage her to eat better! That way he can avoid back problems later down the line ;)

She thought she was overweight before and her bf broke his back while trying to prove her wrong so I mean just call it like it is

That's a good boyfriend right there.

#31 true. I can't life more than five to ten pounds with my back issues - time to see an orthopedist and diagnose that properly!

#39, just shut up. He threw out his back, not break it. And he could've lifted her up wrong. Quit jumping to conclusions.

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How do y'all know she doesn't have a health condition? always so quick to judge

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I'm very self-conscious, so when i first started going out with my bf, I wouldn't want him to pick me up because I thought I was too heavy but he would just tell me that the girl is never too heavy, the guy simply isn't strong enough :)

"he would just tell me that the girl is never too heavy, the guy simply isn't strong enough " This attitude is why fat women keep being able to date people out of their league, while men have to settle.

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90- I didn't realize the men had no choice in the matter of who to "settle" for. Also, is there even such a thing as a league? Are people so narrow-minded as to think that two people can't love each other because one may be easier on the eyes than the other?

OP should take her boyfriend's back out of the garbage and let him try again!

OP can't be too fat- I mean, she has a boyfriend! At least that has to make her feel beautiful. **** the rest of the world- if your boyfriend loves you for who you are and how you look, you've got it all

Zimmington 21

#89 While I respect your comment. How about she loves herself first instead of basing her self worth on having a significant other

I doubt it's because you're overweight. If he picked you up funny (as in not with his legs) then it's not your weight that did that. Anything over 100 lbs could have thrown his back out.

Not really. Im about 105 pounds and my bf could lift me up with just one arm and he isnt "muscular" by any means.

You don't have to be muscular to be strong either.

Yes you do... I hope you're kidding...

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#50 then what do you have to be?

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He didn't really think that one through did he?

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I'm sorry OP, better luck next time

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Plot twist: OP's boyfriend is actually just extremely weak whilst OP maintains a perfect body weight.

Well if you're thinking that you're over weight why not do something about it? Although the fact your bf threw his back out trying to lift you is embarassing and probably doesn't make you feel very good about yourself, you have no right to complain if you can do something to change it. Maybe you're just being a teenaged girl, thinking you're fat when you're really not-so in that case STAHP. He could have easily just lifted you the wrong way causing the back malfunction. My mom hurt her back lifting 30 lbs cus she did it improperly.

Or she could really be overweight but is too lazy to do anything about it so she guilts her boyfriend into telling her she is a healthy weight. Either is a very likely possibility nowadays.

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Go to the gym together? Stuff like that's always fun when you're doing it with someone you like.

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I always like going with people I hate. so I can stare at them with an evil glare and think about how I'm going to kick their ass when I'm stronger. It's great motivation.

Maybe he just has poor technique? It's not a great determinant of whether you're overweight or not, OP!