By heart of cold - 11/01/2016 09:12 - United States

Today, my roommate invited a couple of homeless gentlemen in to our house. After drinking all our beer, throwing up on our carpet, and repeatedly asking if we were planning on killing them, I asked them to leave. My roommate told them they're welcome back anytime. FML
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There's a fine line between hospitable and stupid, but your roommate has firmly entrenched themself on the stupid side.


lol moving is extreme. homeless are people too. I wouldn't let them in the house again but bring them food/clothes. everyone needs help sometimes.

@19: The problem is that OP's roommate would let them back in again.

Help is one thing, throwing up all over your carpet is another.

I'm starting to wonder if that's actually what the roommate wants and this was a ploy to make OP want to move out.

Next time lay out a litter box so that you don't end up with several ***** on the floor

That's odd, I didn't read that they shit on the floor. Probably, because they didn't. These are human beings, not cats.

That's a great idea. Clearly they are not house trained. Like an article i read recently about a lady pulling together money to let a homeless couple stay in a hotel for 10 days. The homeless couple tried to check out after the first day and get a refund on the rest of the money, and when that wasn't allowed, they completely trashed the hotel room, also using the carpet as a toilet. Litter boxes may have lessened the damage.

There's a fine line between hospitable and stupid, but your roommate has firmly entrenched themself on the stupid side.

Maybe your roommate is just a caring person and is willing to give hospitality to those in need. Even if it means cleaning up their mess.

That, or they REALLY want Op to move out

maybe search for a new roommate? and make him clean it up, hungover or not! be a bitch about this, don't let the Drunk People walk over you. it's dangerous.

The Drunk People- you make them sound like superheroes. Here come The Drunk People- saving citizens from the depredations of Ethanol!!

hahaha I guess you can see it that way! I don't think that they, although they probably mean well, would be the most effective superheroes. I imagine them being so drunk, that they forget have a mission at all. sign me up ;)

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Have the roommate go with them then they can hang out all the time

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Next time they come back be sure to splatter a bit of ketchup on the floor and leave a ketchup stained knife half hidden somewhere visible. And smile extra wide while talking them. They won't stay around for much longer after that.

Yikes. Might want to have a talk with your roommate

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How inconsiderate of your roommate to not ask you if they can bring people over. Homeless or not she needs to inform you since you're both living under the same roof.