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Today, my husband sat me down on the couch so he could share some "awesome" news with me. He excitedly declared that he and his idiot drinking buddies are planning on running a real-life Fight Club out of our basement. FML
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It ain't legit if he spoke to you about it

First rule of fight club: don't talk about fight club.


People had to break the first 2 rules to cause a gang of mayhem. The first 2 rules were made to show that some rules are meant to be broken and are arbitrary.

First rule of fight club: don't talk about fight club.

Second rule of fight club: Don't talk about fight club!

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Third: Are we still talking about fight club?

You are not one of us. I hereby banish you from this site. LEAVE !!

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Wrong! Third rule about fight club: dont talk about the rules of fight club, because by doing so you are talking about fight club! Fourth rule about fight club: SHHHHHHHHH Btw i know these are not the real ones

Fail. The first rule of Fight Club is you don't talk about Fight Club!

BarDownDaily 12

Thanks for clearing that up. The first 3 comments were kinda confusing.

It's unlikely she read the first three before posting since they all posted at the same time.

23 made a mistake by assuming something. Quickly everyone, let us insult his lack of intelligence. I'll start: 23# you nincompoop !!

Did you marry Peter Griffin by chance?

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No it isn't. Peter started a bar, not a fight club. Re-watch the episode so you can save yourself from some of the embarrassment you'll suffer when you realize I'm right. Plus, you spelled awesome wrong. There's no excuse for that.

Idiots and lunatics can see only their own wit

you dont have a problem.... first rule of fight club dont talk about fight club!!! you could have a more serious problem as to what they will do if he used fight club as a cover!

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A true fight club doesn't charge money. Everyone knows that.

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Unless you haven't read the book. There's no other way to learn about Fight Club, because, as exhaustively mentioned, it's forbidden to talk about Fight Club.

Maybe you should read the book lol. It's a non-profit organisation bruh.

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I read that book, you should invest in a good mop for the blood, and maybe some life insurance.

Book?!? Are you high? No one cares about the book, the movie is the awesome and a classic.