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By  lostfaithinpppl  |  19

You picked him dear. If you don't like him then break up and go on with your life. If you do like him then don't bitch about him hear. You want us to feel sorry for you because of the choice you made?

  Malinkrot  |  3

I knew someone would say "YDI for smoking," probably while cramming chicken nuggets and fries down their throat (but they are drinking a *diet* coke, so that makes it healthy!)

By  dsalex  |  0

why is this an fml exactly? it's not like he pissed in your mouth while you were sleeping... Ydi for posting this. People have real problems in the world get over yourself.

  underfailer  |  0

ok so obviously when you born something went doink. That or dope. Either way, what ashtray has sentimental value. Oh it was the last tray grandad threw is cigarrete in before he died of lung cancer and emphysema, I think not.