By Helen - 10/11/2012 10:15 - United States - Pine Bluff

Today, my husband came home drunk off his ass at 2am. He started crying on my shoulder because he couldn't go home with some beautiful woman who hit on him, because sadly for him, he's married to me. FML
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At least he was faithful, but I'm guessing he's gonna be sleeping on the couch for a while


AND he was drunk off his ass. Extra points for faithful while wasted. Makes me wonder how hot this woman actually was though beer goggles are a powerful thing

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Indeed. This shows that he actually gives a ****. You should be happy.

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He's ur hubby and ur dating? And I agree atleast he's faithful even drunk heeds to him

be happy he's loyal and stop being so negative.

Am I missing something here? I interpreted the FML as him trying to be unfaithful but his attempts failed him, possibly because the other woman wasn't interested...>_> Im wondering if she had been...I doubt he would've been faithful. -.- You're all saying he was faithful because his attempt to cheat failed? what about the next time he's drunk or sober then he meets a woman who is interested?

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The woman hit on OP's husband not the other way around.

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The FML reads "beautiful woman who hit on him"?

Everyone take a look at 42. That's a perfect example of what not to do around here. Never go full retard.

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94 - Seriously, your profile pic is freakin' adorable. I just had to let you know.

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I thought this comment was going sexual ... Unless cookie is a new sex position.

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I don't even want to know what went through your head when you read that comment...

I think he does deserve a bit more than a cookie though for that degree of loyalty.

So he should be rewarded for telling his wife he wishes he wasn't married to her so he could have sex with other women? I don't think so, I'd be pissed if my bf said this to me.

Eliseopwns 22

Would you rather be pissed, divorced(or broken up, this FML is confusing) and crying or just pissed?

gxkon 5

That is no good. At least you know he won't cheat on you for now.

She knows no such thing. The seed is planted...

56-the seed isn't planted, he is wanting to plant it.

At least he was faithful, but I'm guessing he's gonna be sleeping on the couch for a while

If she's smart, she won't make him sleep on the couch. Not only was he able to remain faithful while drunk, he was honest with her about it. If he is punished for this, he might not be faithful or honest next time.

xXHollowIchigoXx 17

Husband -"Aww, honey, there was this SUPER hot bitch at the bar today, aww man, I would've wrecked that chick. But too bad, I'm married to you baby." OP - "WOW honey! You are soo faithful, I don't mind that you find this other women more sexually attractive than me at all, I will now reward you with sex." Now picture this scenario, and in this scenario you are OP. Would YOU be happy after hearing this? And would YOU respond like this?

She should kick him in the balls and give him a really good reason to cry!

47- I suppose that would depend on how drunk he was.

78- You would kick a crying drunk man in the balls?

127- if he came home and had the balls to tell me that hell yeah I would!

#47: why should the OP's husband be punished for telling *her* the truth? if she cannot be trusted to be his confidante, then who is he to confide in when he's drunk? Remember why teenagers don't want to talk to their parents? the last thing i would want is for OP's husband to bottle up his thoughts and feelings even if they are wrong. He didn't commit a crime. No one can help a pang of regret now and then.

Dating and married are different. The story could be completely different depending on what he told the girl at the bar.

90% of what a drunk man tells you is the truth.

Drunk people often say a lot of crap they don't even mean - later they don't even know where they got it from /:|

If I need any information from friends, I take them out clubbing, get them drunk, then let them tell me what I need to know.

I make up things to tell people that aren't even close to being true while drunk. It's not a truth potion for everyone.

The last time I got properly drunk, I called my then-boyfriend and told him to sleep with his ex (I wasn't ready for sex). When I woke up and was told what I'd said, my reaction was "Oh... Shit." Definitely not something I wanted to happen.

yoursucklives 36

so you're 16 now and you've been together with your "now"-boyfriend for two and a half years. that means your were not older than 13 the last time you were properly drunk? but at least you didn't have sex then.

Apparently, shes also engaged at that same age (16). Its much more likely that she entered her birth date wrong or fml messed it up.

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Maybe open your marriage up a bit? Swinging isn't a terrible idea and if done correctly could lead to a more fun/healthier marriage.

He cried because he couldn't go home with a beautiful chick. He is a jerk and you should find someone who finds you beautiful, inside and out.

Eliseopwns 22

He was DRUNK. I think that gives that gives him the right to be honest. In all honesty, there's always people more attractive than your loved one.

The fact that he didn't cheat, even while drunk off his ass, proves he's a keeper and can be trusted to go to bars alone.

Not lucky. You're just in love. Don't confuse the two. There ARE and always will be better looking people than you or your significant other... But in this case, you find him the most attractive because you only have eyes for him. Lets hope he only has eyes for you too. ;)

60- I'm sure he feels the same way (or at least I usually do)

That sounds like the perfect thing to do if you were unfaithful