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  Rocco1990  |  0

It was obviously a joke. As usual some people take it to seriously. In the case it would happen, it's either kill yourself or let the infection settle and walk for eternity as a zombie. Maybe he's an avid zombie film watcher. Theres tons of unknown ones.

  crazytoaster  |  2

Actually, there is a series of plausible scientific explanations as to why a zombie apocalypse, or at least a plague that resembles a zombie apocalypse. Rather than walk around as a zombie, or with an incurable disease that makes me act like a zombie, i would prefer to be shot or blown up. Preferably exploding something giving the rest of the survivors time to get away.

  Hanban  |  0

He truly loves you and will be hurt to see you trip, get trampled by zombies, and slowly eat the flesh out of you. But couldn't he have waited until at least you got infected? I smell anxiety here.

  CyclonePsycho  |  1

I thought he meant "I would harm you before someone else harms you," as in the chances of a zombie attacking you are slimmer than him ever killing you. As in, he'll protect you from all zombies. Kind of like saying "pigs will fly before I ever become president." I thought he was being sweet.

...Am I reaching a little too high? @_#

By  Jimboom  |  11

Awww. Thats one of the sweetest things I have ever hear. :-P

Return the sentiment and tell your boyfriend that if zombies ever did attack that you would take him out with a chainsaw to the brain while he was sleep. ;0)

  afarr  |  0

maibeh s0m3 m0r3 c0ps? 

By  keoct  |  4

I work with a guy that has a zombie shelter in his basement. Floor to ceiling of canned food as well as knifes, crossbows, and rifles, in the corner is a picture of a “zombie” that he uses as a target. Yes he is serous and yes I’ve seen it.