By Stinky - 20/11/2011 10:23 - United States

Today, at 2am, I heard a strange sound coming from the hallway. I walked over, only to discover my drunk boyfriend pissing in the closet. On my favorite shoes. FML
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Make sure you shove them into his face while firmly saying "No!"

It's time for him to come out.


No, SHOES. Not world of Warcraft.

I did that. When I was three.

Piss on his shoes.

oreobunbun 3

She seems pretty pissed off... *badum tss*

Or she can make him wear the shoes until that piss doesn't smell anymore and then piss on his shoes and if they don't fit him, well she can cut holes in the front.

Piss on his new copy of WAW3

Mw3 or WoW -.-

hahhaha my bad. either is acceptable in return for her favorite shoes


blackheart24 10

56- epic fail my friend.

Ok he pissed on your shoes. But come on, he was drunk. Anyone here who's come home pretty drunk has done something similar. Trying to get back at him is kinda childish

Are you PISSED off coz he PISSED at your shoes?

Comeon People do way crazy stuffs when they're drunk... Way crazy! Could have been Worse

I remember my first beer..

free2speak 14

OP, be glad. You know, it could've easily been your face that was receiving a golden shower.

Xr70r7 4

So what we get drunk?

persianjr1 7

So what we smoke weed..

98 I'd usually say to put on a shirt, but I think you could do with a hat instead.

Don't think the aim would be as accurate

WhiteDream_fml 0

Instead of pissing on his shoes, shove your shoes up his ass. Hopefully they're heels. That would show him. :D

OP is the kind of person that would die in a horror movie: "strange noice? lets investigate:D"

Xr70r7 4

Win 116!:D

jellenwood 35

Pee on his favorite shoes!!!

Boys don't have favourite shoes, they just have shoes

Sorry 45. I have a favorite pair...

Fly guys, guys with swag have a favorite pair.

I have a favorite pair does that mean I'm not a guy?:'(

EvilCupcake8361 9

I accidentally read this as 'my favorite drunk boyfriend' haha

sugarandspice33 0

87- are you drunk?

47 look at the comment "Men dont have favourite shoes. You do? You're a wanna be fly boy.

Make sure you shove them into his face while firmly saying "No!"

No treats for you!

HetaliaFreak 10

This is why we can't have nice things!

Two-fingers pointing while shouting "NO." always wins.

It's time for him to come out.

saIty 17

Oh no, I hope you didn't go apeshit on him. I know girls that would kill if someone pissed on their shoes. Especially if it's their favorite pair.

Alexisthebestest 16

I would be pissed off (no pun intended) if anyone pissed on my shoes- favorite ones or not.

Isn't the pun intended if you acknowledge it?

Yeah, it is. It's peoples clever way of inserting a pun.

Alexisthebestest 16

It wasn't intentional & I wasn't trying to be clever. If I wanted to use a pun I would have used some wack comment like "I bet you were pissed."

That's not wack, that's very common.

That's not wack, that's very common.

Go pee on his face... Then slap him with a shoe

That will just make him horny

ardencred 7

A golden shower with some S n M

Urine trouble now!!!

Get him to buy you new shoes and make him suffer through the hours of shopping.. he wont piss on your shoes again.

ScrivNasty 3

Easy fix or him. Break up with her before that =P

You mean break up with him, yeah? Sorry about the Grammar Nazi-ness. It was an impulse :/

Steve95401 49

Taking the boyfriend for hours of shoe shopping is the worst punishment imaginable.

64- According to the laws of logic & psychology, a girl with money from a second party that is destined to be spent on shoes is not being punished. By second party, I mean the drunk pisser is paying for the shoes.

My thoughts exactly. 2 pair should be the score.

Insert stupid "pissed" jokes below.

cj7geojeep 0

Op needs to tell her boyfriend to piss off.

I bet the OP was pissed off with her boyfriend.