By Taurus_ChicKa - United States
Today, I came home from work to find my computer smashed into a hundred pieces. My dad threw it at my mom because they were having a fight and my computer was the closest thing to throw. He refuses to fix it. FML
Taurus_ChicKa tells us more :
OP here, let me clear it up. Mom blamed my computer for something I said so she thought I was turning spaghetti brained and demanded Dad to unhook it. Menopause is a bitch. So after hours of this Dad yanked the comp out and threw it NOT directly at Mom but...
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  pertained  |  12

by replacing the parts...? I'm sorry OP, I actually also have a vivid expression of my mother throwing the computer monitor at my uncle. But of course this was in the 90's so it was a very fat monitor.

  ashtin85  |  0

I don't understand why your worried about your computer... does it not register in your brain that he could have killed your mom if it would've hit her in the head?? dumbass people need to get their priorities in check.!

  PurpleRae420  |  0

Abusive Son of a bitch!!! Nah I'd steal his money AND MAKE HIS ABUSIVE ASS PAY FOR IT!!! Stand up for yourself I think in this case you deserve to take his credit card and maybe make your mom leave him cuz spousel abuse isn't right

  smmrgrl  |  1

@86 maybe cause his mum was alright.. what's he supposed to say? "today my mum almost got killed by a flying computer. FML" that wouldn't really be a fml, it'd be a fhl. :/
anyways, if you really don't like this fml you just moderate the fmls so bad ones don't get put on the site.

  PurpleRae420  |  0

Yah well you could steal enough money to buy yourself another computer a BETTER computer and draw the rest out of the bank account so he won't know where y'all are then pack up your shit while he's at work so you have enough time to HAUL ASS

  flawedgenius  |  6

you're just being pedantic here... it doesn't actually matter how many pieces it broke into, it's broken.

in a civilised world who ever is responsible for the damage normally contributes to the cost of its repair or replacement...

and if he used it as a blunt object to hit someone, it becomes abuse and this would be evidence...

  polysyllabist  |  3

You know, in situations like this everyone seems to presume one side to be grievously out of control, out of bounds and the other party to be a faultless victim. And while that can be the case, I wonder why no one else ever wonders what it took to drive the one party to such a furious act. Anyone who automatically assumes the father is an irredeemable human being and the mother a poor innocent soul is either naive and lacking in empathy and imagination, or has simply not been in very many relationships.

  xxmuahhxx  |  4

have to disagree with you polysyllabist... no matter what the situation, a man should NEVER try to harm his wife- in any sort of way. he needs to be a man and control the situation a bit more maturely.

  geeksaresexy  |  18

What if she's the abusive one and he was defending himself? I bet if the mum threw the PC at the dad you'd all assume she had a good reason. People seem to think that women can't be the abuser when it comes to domestic violence.

  VulpesFidelis  |  0

Well... At least I'm not actively trying to suggest what I'd really recommend to remedy the situation. Actually, I can't, legally. But it's sure how I'd feel in this person's shoes. ;o)

  taarna77  |  6

I think what the OPs computer is, is irrelevant. It's the fact that he broke it, he should repair or replace it, preferably with a better model, like a Mac!

  RyanX92  |  0

mac's are better for 1 reason virus proof so I come to my second point they are way expensive this leads me to my conclusion macs are for rich kids and porn addicts

  shipman09  |  0

Macs are almost completely incompatible with most decent software programming. Therefore, they are useless outside of schools, and small offices that have the money to spend on the software that does work.