By AussieG75 - 21/07/2012 04:48 - United States - Saint Augustine

Today, I heard screaming coming from my neighbor's house. Since her husband has a history of abusing her, I called the cops. After they left with him in custody, she called to yell at me because they were "working things out" after "having a few drinks". FML
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thatpeachyperson 12

Hey, you did the right thing.

It's couples like them that makes me lose hope in marriage


It's couples like them that makes me lose hope in marriage

Well at least most of them don't turn out this way.

thatpeachyperson 12

Hey, you did the right thing.

Definitely. *cough* like they were working things out *cough*

They really did. I've been unfortunate enough to be in the house when my mom's ex went into a drunken rage and tried to beat the crap out of her. I had to get in the way and almost ended up with a broken nose, I'd hate to find out what would've happened if a neighbor didn't call the cops..

Steel_BZ 8

Makeup sex is the best sex!

Please get off this website.

I think we found the husband posting from prison.

killer6969 16

How dumb are U?

How do you know they were having sex?

I think a lot of victims of domestic violence end up in denial/trying to protect their abuser. Hopefully one day she'll be thankful and you know you did the right thing.

Rei_Ayanami 18

Stockholm syndrome is what that is. Becoming fond of your abuser/kidnapper.

TheDrifter 23

That's exactly what it is. She is not likely to appreciate op's intervention, but then she likely thinks it's normal to wear long sleeves all summer and large sunglasses every time she's in public. Try talking to her in person op, you might get her to see a glimmer of the truth before he makes bail.

She probably won't accept OPs help because you guys are right. Even though everyone says to leave the relationship you want to try to save it all you can. And even guys can be the one getting abused in the relationship.

Appropriate time to Spartan Kick her in the freakin' face!

Or... to try and be a good friend to her and get her to realize how OP helped her in the end.

17- Agreed. Considering how she isn't learning from the abuse she's suffered from her husband, I don't see how she needs another kick from anyone. :p

When she wakes up sober and probably hurting from the domestic violence she'll realize you saved her. You did the right thing.

wlddog 14

Some people just don't know when to walk away.

DasHaas 9

True character is doing the right thing even if everyone will hate you for it.

Schizomaniac 24

Like a silent guardian...a watchful protector...a dark knight.

I don't know why you got thumbed down, it was pretty funny and appropriate :)

Good for you, OP. I bet it's quieter with the hubby in jail, no?

They're both idiots... Hopefully they don't have kids.