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Today, I went to Victoria's Secret to get fitted for a new bra since mine weren't fitting properly. To my amazement, I wasn't a 32A, but a 32AA. I might as well have craters on my chest. FML
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That sucks. But it's what you were given.

@266. Look, I love boobs just as much as the next straight guy, but a boob job? Really? It really sucks to see women suggest such things to other women. You ladies always complain about how men are such dogs and how they only want you for your looks. I honestly can't even find the right words to say, except OP is fucking gorgeous, and so is every other woman. I honestly think OP should care more about who she really is, than her boobs. Then again, that is just my opinion.


That sucks. But it's what you were given.

No big deal tbh.. it's whether you're a beautiful person inside :)<3

WTF u want to see pics of a girl with 32AA breasts? You might as well google gay porn.

i know plenty of girls who are practically flat chested but are beautiful and always have a boyfriend. don't worry girl. men love boobs no matter what size :)

umm don't craters go down???

87 - That's the joke genius.

whenever i go to vuctorias secret and get fitted they sy I'm a 34A but i'm really a 34B so it's not too bad hah

102 - If they measure you and your measurement is 34A, you are a 34A, not a 34B. Sorry to disappoint. The women who measure you there are trained, so there's usually no arguing with them.

agree with 113, they always get my bra size right

trust me op, a lott of guys don't care.(; And babies dont eat much. be glad you'll get by with half the back problems of a big boobie girl(: or save up some money/get an rich old guy to buy ya a pair!

#60- win 

I'm basically flat chested, and engaged. You'll find someone who appreciates small boobies ;)

So so true.

She's didn't say FML for not getting anyone because of her size, just she's dose not like being flat chested To small would sound like she was a he

it is right but if you go somewhere else you may be a bigger size then what they have there. one of the people who work there even told me that the bras there run bugger then most other stores

60 - YES. WIN lmao but your name says otherwise... also, I didn't even know there was even a size AA. this is a FML if your over 18... if not... you have some time & there's always plastic surgery

You guys really need to learn your internet references... 60 failed he didn't win

#244 did you not like what you found after using google?

if u rly hate them so much just get a boob job!

no we only love tigolbitties or big ol titties

I remember when I was like 15 I uses to care more about breasts. but now I care more about the lower backside area. so you are okay. unless you're 15.

big boobs > small boobs. and 129 boob size does matter. not all boobs are created equal

@266. Look, I love boobs just as much as the next straight guy, but a boob job? Really? It really sucks to see women suggest such things to other women. You ladies always complain about how men are such dogs and how they only want you for your looks. I honestly can't even find the right words to say, except OP is fucking gorgeous, and so is every other woman. I honestly think OP should care more about who she really is, than her boobs. Then again, that is just my opinion.

Yeah exactly! My ex had 34DD's and she hated it. She had awful back problems and had trouble finding clothes because she was pretty skinny as well. I didn't mind her breasts :P but yeah bigger boobs are not always better.

Seriously OP, smal breasts are cool ! Plus, it doesn't give you any problems like back pain. I'd gladly switch with you if I could ! #306 I know how your ex feels and she's rigth ! It sucks.

I like your picture

302-so what you are saying is you are gay?

60:You are a real douche bag. think about what you are saying about this woman, it's incredibly insulting. you are basically saying someone would be better off watching gay porn than actually seeing a beautiful, natural woman. I was obviously joking about seeing pics, (and I am sorry if the person who posted this was offended by what they read) but you really crossed the line. I however like woman natural, who they truly are themselves. so no I would not rather watch porn, you bitch. as for the woman who posted this I say you should be happy with what you've got. thanks for listening

well 302 Iv don't think guys r dogs hahaha and all I'm saying is if her confidence is so low because of this then it can be fixed. we put on makeup and get tats so what wrong if we see something we don't like about ourselves and change it.

WTF? An added letter means bigger cups here, and I wasn't sure what she was trying to say. No matter the size or shape (or dangly bit), most people want the opposite of what they have. Just learn to deal with your life lady, or better still ENJOY IT.

Wait #395, weren't you the dick that wanted pics posted? GTFO with your rant.

munyarl - aa is smaller than a. I'm 12 . you're probably older than me . . . you must be a moron.

obviously your not a 34b if they say your a 34a

same here! I'm the exact same size as her! I can't wear button up shirts because of it!

no he's considerate

So is there a cup size people are happy with or are they always too big or too small?

I laughed my ass off at this XD

The problem is she has no size. 32AA? LMAO

No, I'm pretty sure size matters.

... 302 - you're a genius! I wish every man thought like you...

I'm a 32D. I can barely zip my sweatshirts. I always have to get shirts at least one size larger than necessary for stomach room. I miss being a B or C cup. Being a D is more torment than being a AA.

Looking at your picture, you look about 16, not old enough to be engaged

Okay, be careful what you wish for. I'm a 32 DDD. I'm also 5'4, and my over sized breasts make me top heavy and extremely clumsy. My back is constantly in pain and I'm either being hit on or called a slut. Really, it's not a glamorous life. I wish I was smaller, they make all the cute bras in your size.

Having big boobs isn't the best you know. Sometimes you are better off smaller. As someone with a lager chest (34 E/F -British size)(and I'm 17!), I get terrible boob ache, back pain, pull my muscles around my boobs and they can be really painful themselves. I can't Sleep on my front easily either :( oh and I cover up a lot but you do get stares or remarks. Love what you have

sloppy joes and potatoe chips don't mix.. I thought you would of learned that by now.

Am I the only one who doesn't get this?

I don't either. :/

yeah I have no idea...O_o

haha search it up on youtube its freakin funny its an old spice commercial.. cool pikk haha

what the fuck are you talking about


no need to be a dick about it.

band ftw!!!

how is that discusting?? -_-


Dan Nicky your bobbie s I have no boobs either unfortunately, op.

picture or it didn't happen.

wow really?

not even worth asking for it. no one wants to see that.

Some would say, anything more than a mouthful is a waste! I hope you at least have an awesome ass :)

Lmfao. I always say this. My little sister recently found out she was an A and not the C she thought. I laughed so hard when she told me. But I told her that(your coment), and my mom just lokied at me in complete shock. Then laughed her ass off.

It is quite natural. I bet your buttocks are big. Being big or not, you love yourself, right?

aw yay :) and usually big ass comes with big boobs though. hot ass is prob the case here

I do like a nice round arse. any size boobs are great in my book, or hands

If your quite thin than thats the trade off. Thin women rarely have big breasts unless they get implants or do other drastic stuff.

That's not exactly true. It's true in general, but I've seen thin women with relatively big, real tits.

And that's why she wrote "rarely".

It's not "rare" though. I know personally at least 4 girls like that; that's not very rare considering my high school was small. It's "uncommon", maybe, but not rare.

It's sad that people think they're so rare. My Cardiologist actually asked me if I had implants when I was being hooked up to the EKG. It's very possible for a woman to have a waist and have huge boobs. I"m glad at least 5t3ff1k4h has it right! It's not rare, just a bit uncommon.

not true I'm a D n my small n skinny n mine r all real

the definition of rare is uncommon... look it up

Well you're talking to someone who played a lot of Magic the Gathering in high school. When you play games like that, there's a difference between "uncommon" and "rare" EDIT: I did just look it up. That's not the definition. rare - "not widely known"

wow how unprofessional to ask that. I had to get a an EKG too.

Or you know... It could be genetic or just grows naturally.

114 - This is the definition I looked up for the word "rare". "occurring seldom: a rare appearance" Does this tell you it's the same as uncommon? No. I agree with Pixie; though I didn't play Magic, I played another game which differentiated between uncommon and rare. Seeing a lady with a tiny waist but a larger chest is not something that occurs "seldomly". It's not common, but it's not rare. What's the middle ground? UNCOMMON.

Yes, hellogoodbye1996, I thought it was pretty bad, too. It shocked me a bit.

its not unprofessional...breast implants can effect your EKG...this being said it aslo depends on what type of implants you have

Well, let me elaborate. After I told her "no" she raised her eyebrows at me and said "Well, they're very nice."

usually if thin girls have big boobs it's genetic

No matter what your boob size is, it's genetic.

#66 and #96, as cliched as this is to say, pics or it didn't happen. You should show those puppies off rather than put up that clown/rabbit shit.

I used to have a nice picture of myself. And then dolts like you wouldn't stop hitting on me, so you all lost the privilege :P

umm... it happens. I'm a 32FF and a size 2 in jeans. All natural, so don't assume all big boobed women are cheating. :(

4 people!!!!! *gasp*

#289 how are implants genetic?

#120 - magic you say?

I must be the only person here who forgot about the FML and thought about how I just want to put a cock or two in my mouth.

Stuff that thing full!

There's probably more than one person in the world who wants that...