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nothing against larger people but to be honest, he's putting this on FML when it's kinda his personal choice to eat what he eats. he can't exactly think " it's not my fault I have moobs " that's just my opinion.


You know, I've seen guys with HUGE pecks- solid muscle- who would probably wear a bigger bra size than most women. Dwayne Johnson? Just saying it's possible. Not completely likely, but possible.


^ just gonna reiterate something somewhat similar to what #63 said:
my pecs are so muscular and strong that they are the same size as my mom's bra size. FML

yeah that doesn't work either does it

  OkayImSorry  |  0

^ Frank, now listen homie. You can't just go and say something like that, it makes you look like a desperate virgin. Be more assertive yet sweet or be dirtier. "Your hot" makes you sound like a 12 year old. Either be like "Damn, you are so beautiful. You got a boyfriend? Cause I don't know a single soul that wouldn't want to be with you." or straight up "I wanna fuck you".


So is using full stops in the middle of a sentence, as much as it is not to capitalise after a full stop.

Fat people should lose weight, it's a burden to the health care system and damaging a perfectly good body that many others weren't fortunate enough to enjoy.

By  webkinzhater123  |  0

YDI for going bra shopping with your mom! and for being a fatass. its called a gym, moron.