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Today, my mom cut off the legs of all my pants, because she says I don't show enough skin for guys. I'm now forced to wear jaggedly cut shorts that barely cover my thighs until I can buy new ones. FML
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^ Translation: "I have no actual comeback, so I'll just make shit up about being in a prestigious school, as if that has any relation to what's being said anyway."


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^ Translation: "I have no actual comeback, so I'll just make shit up about being in a prestigious school, as if that has any relation to what's being said anyway."

I think you have the two choices in the wrong order. Edit: Shrike always says it better.

Think what you would like, I don't really mind. I've got as much right to my opinions as anyone else:)

Of course, and so do we, don't worry; and the thumbs will do them justice.

Understandably so, I'd just rather you didn't call me a liar when I'm not, it would be much appreciated :)

Some people seem to have taken Sass pills this morning...

Wizardo 33

Some people just need to admit they've failed, tired of seeing people fight a lost cause especially as one as retarded as this. Btw, trolls can come from any walk of life. Problem?

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Now I want to say this is sarcasm mixed with an idea that 1 thinks this good advice from OP's mom. As a dude though I prefer a girl who's more reserved instead of showing off most of themselves instantly

Your inability to accept/understand defeat says otherwise.

Brookie, this is the part where you just stay quiet and leave with the little dignity you have left....

Wizardo 33

#39, her inability to read proves it as well, #36, I was stating that fighting a lost cause on the internet retarded, especially for a reason like bad advice... *sigh*

perdix 29

#15, actually, a large fraction of the Ivy League student bodies are "legacies," kids that get in only because their parents or other family members attended. There are a lot of morons going to Ivy League schools (some get to high political office.)

Wizardo 33

#43, George muthatruckin' Bush is a prime example, why in the world did people vote for the guy? Twice as well? That's like choosing to be governed by Scooby Doo out of free will... TWICE.

Don't hate on Scooby, Wizardo. At least he could've found the WMDs. Or had the common sense not to make them up without being able to follow through to begin with. BrookieAnn: Gotta love the passive-aggressive smiley face. Look how ******* chill I am under ridicule with how many times I can smile. :)))))))))))))

Wizardo 33

Hey Man, I'm not hating on Scooby, I love that guy, I'm hating on Bush. I compared them two because they usually have no clue in what they're doing and they can barely talk and somehow in the end everything turns out alright somehow and they're both lauded as heroes. What is life?

In that case, an apt comparison. Carry on.

If Frankie saw this thread he would say ...

\ 28

Enough of this arguing. Bubbles, fetch me my pipe.

Haha! Back under your bridge, troll!

bakedbabe 8

I seriously just read every reply comment to this... Your all ******* hilarious hahahahaa. But really though, I only wear skanky clothe when Im settin to get drunk, the chick who wrote this is putting up with being skanky cause of here mom.. and some girls just like being skanky. That's life. (lol, **** your life btw op)

Wow the negativity is really after you tonight... Watch out or some of it might hit you!

Were your parents brother and sister?

\ 28

Lord have mercy, girls today feel they're ******* OBLIGATED to show themselves off. You're all just as beautiful without exposing your cooters, ladies :)

blackman100 20

I just read the whole thread and damn. The lack of faith in humanity is probably well over 9000.

Every comment you've posted on this FML has around 200 dislikes. About a thousand or so people.

I think she wants you with a man and out of the house, lol (if you live with her)

Either that or she wants you on an episode of 16 and pregnant.

If you catch a man he can only pleasure you so you shoulnd't worry what happens I think.

is something wrong with your cognitive functions?

tjv3 10

Sounds like your mom wants you to look like a ho.

grahmagog 14

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I highly doubt it's in her best interests to be a ****.

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You obviously didn't understand this one.

If she had a skirt, she probably wouldn't want to wear it considering the fact she doesn't want to wear shorts. And the FML says that she has to wear shorts until he buys new pants. So I don't think she has a skirt.

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You don't have to wear very short shorts to be sexy or elegant.

I would find this FML much more funny if OP is actually a lesbian.

Sounds like Mom wants OP to be in a relationship more than OP does.

You guys didn't bother to think outside the box! What i meant by sexy and elegant is some good looking clothes and not shorts

Here's where you cut the midsection off all of her shirts

nooo this could be OP's Project Runway moment! Make it work!

Actually, I think what would make more sense is to add an actual midsection to her mother's shirts, based on her mother's attitude.

Why the hell is the kind of pants you wear your mom's concern?

I think the bigger concern here is, why does op only have 1 pair of pants

70, It says of all her pants. Read the FML again.

#70, she didn't say she only had one pair of jeans, she says her mom cut the legs off all the pairs of jeans she owns and that she has to wear the shorts until she can buy more.

tragic but fixable. just get some bleach some scissors and take your time

A first day of summer gift you could say... Or make it a fashion statement. Half of the things bought in the store look like that anyhow.