By StrawberryJuicey - United States
Today, I went to Victoria's Secret to get sized. I put the card that says my size in my pocket, then went to the movies with my boyfriend. When the person at the counter asked me to hand them my ticket, I reached into my pocket and handed it to them. It wasn't the ticket. It was my bra size. FML
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I'm gonna guess that the OP is some 12-13 year old girl who thinks it's the end of the world just because something this minuscule happens.

And to all you youngins who post stupid fml's like this - "minuscule" means tiny and not important.

  Rayn4u_fml  |  0

I thought she was trying to get out of paying, and if it's 38-Double D, I'm guessing she might ^^
Perdix, I've said this before are a bad that I hope does not work at a cinema!

  perdix  |  29

Oh, Rayn4u, I know you really love me!

And, as a matter of fact, as a teenager I DID work as a ticket-taker at my local cinema. Where did you think I learned that line, which, by the way, worked about 12% of the time?

The other 88% of the time, the girls would complain to my boss, but he was a dirty, old French guy who would pretend to reprimand me and then we'd have a good laugh with me after she was out of earshot.

He's one reason I love the French! Tu me manques, Ben!

  perdix  |  29


Did you know if you stand in front of a mirror and repeat the words "Green bears" loudly and slowly, it starts to sound like "Gullible?" Most people find it happens between 80 and 110 times. ;)