By StrawberryJuicey - / Sunday 13 December 2009 18:39 / United States
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I'm gonna guess that the OP is some 12-13 year old girl who thinks it's the end of the world just because something this minuscule happens.

And to all you youngins who post stupid fml's like this - "minuscule" means tiny and not important.

  Rayn4u_fml  |  0

I thought she was trying to get out of paying, and if it's 38-Double D, I'm guessing she might ^^
Perdix, I've said this before but.....you are a bad man...one that I hope does not work at a cinema!

  perdix  |  29

Oh, Rayn4u, I know you really love me!

And, as a matter of fact, as a teenager I DID work as a ticket-taker at my local cinema. Where did you think I learned that line, which, by the way, worked about 12% of the time?

The other 88% of the time, the girls would complain to my boss, but he was a dirty, old French guy who would pretend to reprimand me and then we'd have a good laugh with me after she was out of earshot.

He's one reason I love the French! Tu me manques, Ben!

  perdix  |  29


Did you know if you stand in front of a mirror and repeat the words "Green bears" loudly and slowly, it starts to sound like "Gullible?" Most people find it happens between 80 and 110 times. ;)