By awkwardd - Hong Kong
Today, I went shopping with my cousin. Walking down the road, I heard her say "Can you hold my hand?" I was confused, but thought it was cute, so I held her hand and kept walking. It turns out she'd asked me to hold her bag. We didn't say another word after that. FML
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  PurpleRae420  |  0

Ok but your family you can't hold hands with your family what if your close to them? And as far as being cute now that's kinda wierd but you both should have laughed it off life is too short not too!

  I_Deserved_It  |  8

This is in Hong Kong, so if they were speaking in Chinese, it would've been Cantonese. And hand in Canto is "sau" while bag is "doi". Which sound nothing alike, and neither do their equivalents in English. Way to go, OP.