By awkwardd - 19/05/2011 12:51 - Hong Kong

Today, I went shopping with my cousin. Walking down the road, I heard her say "Can you hold my hand?" I was confused, but thought it was cute, so I held her hand and kept walking. It turns out she'd asked me to hold her bag. We didn't say another word after that. FML
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AlwaySunny 0

you want a side of incest with that walk?

And let the awkward silence ensue.


Awkward, and many other terms...

juicedboi 7

She didn't ask why you suddenly held her hand? Doesn't sound like she found it that strange.

hey 21 are you even really whiteboy7thst?

She wanted your Hong in her Kong.

dude you held her hand, what's the big deal?????? laugh off the mistake with her... and then maybe stop thinking incest is cute:)

futtbuck101 1

let's hope you're not a redneck otherwise things would get way out of hand(pun intended)

imacreeper 3

creeper much? and that's even creepy for me.

PurpleRae420 0

Ok but your family you can't hold hands with your family what if your close to them? And as far as being cute now that's kinda wierd but you both should have laughed it off life is too short not too!

how do i get thumbs down for agreeing with someone who has 22 thumbs up??? jeez why are people so rude?!?

because that's what the thumbs up button is for

118, you got a thumbs down from me for caring that you got thumbed down, lol. :)

hahahahahah!!! nice one, 150!

noelykins1 19

maybe the cousin in like8

And let the awkward silence ensue.

chino627 0

Let the therapy begin!!!!!

MrCush89 0

lol hand n bag sound alike 2 yu?

2nd GraAd is uh foreign concept too yu?

uncbballwins 0

She probably said handbag

clumsydude 10

Don't you mean *Hong Kong?

hooooooong koooooooong fooooey! lmao

gb_chrs 2

nope, in Chinese hand is "sou (so-uh)" and bag is "bao (p-ah-ow)"

rudikk99 2

might be on honk kong...

This is in Hong Kong, so if they were speaking in Chinese, it would've been Cantonese. And hand in Canto is "sau" while bag is "doi". Which sound nothing alike, and neither do their equivalents in English. Way to go, OP.

kingedoftheworld 0

not really, depends on how you say it. it's shou (hand) and then shou dai (hand bag)

kissing cousins?

insist is best (;

WINCE__ Yeah, Nevermind, I'll spare the people of another one of these jokes...

do you live in Kentucky?

eradonnes 0

i believe its kansas

Bossman11 6

they never said anything about kissing

it's hong kong actually....

traze 7

Some hidden feelings there?

what the hell is wrong with you? of course she didn't want you to told her hand you strange strange man.

maybe he's from Eastern KY

MissZoe62 4

6- that is one awesome toaster!

AlwaySunny 0

you want a side of incest with that walk?

RedPillSucks 31

more like wince-est

ro3b 0

haha funny

it's not like you kissed your cousin? or did you

xoxoMEGANxoxo 13

oh geez

he wants to have sex with his cousin the end

chris71sk8r 8

I don't get it either. It doesn't seem bad or actually worth a FML. It's just holding someones hand. I'd do the same thing just to bother someone.