By GlueAndCarrots / Friday 29 May 2015 15:05 / Canada - Markham
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By  Hyenayena  |  27

Reminds me of that scene from Norman or whatever where they're holding hands on the toilet. Holy crap time to sit her down and have a talk, not everything in a relationship has to be done together.

  brand125  |  17

(fml crashed on my phone before i could finish my comment) i know youre joking, but i hate how people think its okay for a man to put up with a controlling girl just because "shes a woman, shes right". its not right.

  brand125  |  17

come on, honestly what more could be added to a story to make it his fault. yes, he could have accidently pushed her or dashed and ditched her, but every fml has to leave parts out, so if you come on fml expecting every entry to be fakely exagerated then why would you be on here. every fml author could be lying, so im going to believe them until i have a good reason to suspect otherwise. if the situation is as op describes it, then the gf seems controling and manipulative, because using "do this or i will dump you" is extremly controlling. threatening to break up over something small to get your way is awful

  jdnaus  |  13

No #6 is right. It depends on the context of why he didn't hold her hand. Are they out on a date together? Are they high school kids walking out of school together? Are they annoyed at each other?
A tiny reassuring gesture of touch at certain moments says so many things.

  chosha_fml  |  25

Those gestures can mean a lot. But there is no context in which it would be justified to threaten to break up with your boyfriend because he didn't hold your hand crossing a road.

  janfleury  |  19

To late. She is super clingy. It's not the super clingy that is bothersome. It's the fact that she is willing to use the relationship ending to get her way. The do it my way or the highway that has the red warning flags up. Anyone that controlling and willing to use a threat to get their way is trouble. That upset with that big of a threat over holding a hand? What happens if something bigger happens? Red flag, OP, red flag.

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