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Today, my friend told me that semen was inflammable. Later at night I jacked off into a sock and then, excitedly, tried to lit the sock on fire. Turns out, semen is very much not inflammable. Naked, I shook my sock in the air so it would extinguish while my semen splashed out all over my room. FML
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why on earth did you think this was a good idea in the first place?

You know that "flammable" and "inflammable" mean the same thing right? Inflammable things catch fire???


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why on earth did you think this was a good idea in the first place?

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when you're told something can't do something, you HAAAVE to try it. haha...but yeah that was stupid.

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Wouldn't you? I'm doing it right now!

agreed. OP you remind me of my twelve year old brother who wanted to see if our vacuum could suck up water. He then tried it on water he had run into the sink and broke the vacuum. In other words, you're an idiot.

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inflammable= easily set on fire (used figuratively or in nontechnical contexts) flammable= easily set of fire NONflammable= NOT catching fire easily Therefore, YDI for being stupid.

thank you for pointing this out! i was surprised this wasn't like, the first comment. although i'm sure there have been MANY unfortunate incidents with the flammable/inflammable confusion, lol.

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Hahah I once heard of a court case where a girl's violin instructor told her not to unloosen her strings or something, and apparently it means the same thing as loosen, and I forgot exactly what happened but she ended up snapping her strings and he was liable cuz they mean the same thing

Thank you. This just made me angry. Stupid people lacking basic vocabulary knowledge totally deserve to be covered in their own flaming sperm.

While that is true, considering that Semen is indeed NOT FLAMMABLE (or NOT INFLAMMABLE, or NONFLAMMABLE, whatever way you want to put it) . I'm guessing that the OP DID know what inflammable means. Hence, he thought his semen would burn up with the sock, but was devastated to learn that it would NOT burn and his semen ended up "splashing" all around his room while his sock flammed alone. Still, a stupid situation, but I'll give him credit for knowing that inflammable and flammable are the same thing.

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I bet the smoke from the ****-filled sock spelled out the word "Gullible"

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OP means original poster or original person aka the person who wrote the FML in the first place

yeah and its imflammable not inflammable, inflammable is not a word...

thank you!!! The English language sucks sometimes lol...but that's no excuse for people to be ignorant.

I like how you are exactly the opposite of correct.

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you are mistaken... Inflammable and flammable both mean “combustible.” Imflammable is not a word....

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IMflammable?!? are you kidding me? Look it up bro, IMflammable is not a word and INflammable definitely is. wow what an idiot.

I'm surprised #204's point wasn't the first comment. People point out that inflammable and flammable mean the same thing, but it doesn't occur to anyone until this point that semen could not possibly be flammable? If it's a liquid, and it comes from your body, obviously it's mostly water. It's not like the human body produces kerosene. Also, what's with people declaring incorrectly that words do or do not exist on this site? You're ON THE INTERNET. It's not that hard to look it up first.

¨Inflammable means flammable? What a country!¨ -Dr. Nick Riviera from The Simpsons

Damn u beat me to it! Favorite Simpsons quote. But really, I do know what Inflammable means but I blame no one for not knowing since the prefix in- almost always means not.

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who the **** jacks off into a sock? how is that even remotely comfortable?

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There is only one funny comment on this whole page and its because it's a roast. Muhahaha! And it's long one.

it's not ur cum that caught on fire it's the sock that caught on fire. wow ur really dum

the word "gullible" said slowly sounds like "green bears".

inflammable means it can be burned. they put flammable on warnings so people like you don't get confuzzled. damn anti flood shield!

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who gives a shit about any of this

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OP-fail. whyyy would you jack off into a sock..? 262-fail. uh, wow. everyone else on this thread-win. :)

isn't it light not lit. I need to try this

Hahaha!!'s "inflammable". "Imflammable" is not a word. Also it's "it's". "Its" is the possessive form.

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Aha, I see what you did there, 328.

#262 Holy shit you are a total dumbass. Also, OP, even if it WAS inflammable, it's a liquid, and would fall on your floor. Burning.

Agreed. YDI for doing it. I guess inflammable means flammable due to English sucking. OP, Your friend didn't mean that. Your friend probably thought inflammable mean "Cannot catch on fire" as it would appear to be using the logic of the English language. What a stupid word.

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I think the OP meant that his friend told him that it was inflammable(cannot be lit on fire) but then he found out that it was flammable(or in his words, "not inflammable"). To the OP: maybe the sock was the thing that was flammable and not the semen?

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except that inflammable is a synonym for flammable

Inflammable is flammable! It's kind of confusing but it's common sense

define: inflammable -gas or liquid able to ignite, explode or have adverse effect on humans or animals. -Capability of a combustible material to ignite easily, burn intensely or have rapid rate of flame spread.

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yes in the english language "flammable" and "inflammable" are synonymous and have the same meaning... "non-flammable" is the antonym

You do realize that flammable and inflammable mean the exact same ******* thing. Right?


He shouldve googled it first to see if it was true.

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OP your parents should have worn a condom for sure. Mega facepalm

You know that "flammable" and "inflammable" mean the same thing right? Inflammable things catch fire???

Hooray for knowing what inflammable means!

"Inflammable means flammable?? What a country!"

I was about to comment on that, too. Ha-ha! Inflammable does not mean "doesn't catch fire". Psht. I'm surprised this FML passed by the "selection process" with that wording. Then again, maybe that's why it passed; confusion much? Anyway, it's pretty disgusting what he did. An excuse to jack off? :p "for the sake of science".

I had to reread it like six times before I understood whether he thought or didn't think that semen could or couldn't catch fire...

Why the hell did it take 5 comments for someone to bring this up... INflammable = flammable... because the root word is "inflame" as in... "to ******* set on fire" YDI OP

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Obviously he should have used: fire-proof, incombustible, non-flammable, or non-inflammable but you should have gotten the idea.

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me too!! he is retarded though for even attempting that.. nasty

Yeah his use of the wrong word threw me off quite a bit. What a country!

I'm so glad someone commented on "inflammable = "will light on fire" right away. Props to you all!

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Thumbs up for getting here before I did.

Where is Dr. Nick from anyway? He seems European, but I can't quite center him on Italy, Turkey or Albania. Also, the correct term for not flammable is uninflammable. That is to say, "un" (not) "inflamm" (set on fire) "able" (able to be). Thus, uninflammable means "not set on fire able to be".

dr. nick is from the simpsons. "very much not inflammable" meaning that it's NOT flammable? and then saying that you had to shake it to put it out? this fml confused the shit out of me

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lol, I'm glad SOMEBODY pointed that out.

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lmao @ to ******* set on fire

haha thats 1 of my vocab words and thats what i was gonna say!

Sadly, some people don't know that handy piece of info.

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lmfaoo. thats funny but ... YDI.

You are awesome, but what a waste of a sock. :(

Idjit. Just assume your friend was right instead of risking burning the house down... YDI.

based on your experience it appears that semen is inflammable...

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I was also going to say...maybe the sock (fabric items are generally flammable) was what caused the commotion...rather than the semen. Next time just jack off onto the floor and try lighting the semen itself on fire.