By Sh.H - 23/02/2009 04:09 - United States

Today, before a big formal banquet, I went tanning because I wanted to look good in my cocktail dress. I got out of the tanning bed only to realize that I had left my socks on. FML
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It's a sign. Don't tan.

At least your feet won't get cancer. =)


the thing with the spray tanners is that they smell. so if you're with someone who has a foot fetish, i wouldn't suggest it. there's makeup for the legs that you can use.

Tanning bed... Not spray tanning. You know, where you lay in a tanning bed for a little with those weird glasses on and pop out looking like you came back from Aruba, not all orange...

so, pretty much, you're just an effing moron...

It's okay, no one will notice your feet and if they do, it'll be strange at first, but not that big of a deal. Hope you have a good time at the banquet :)

It's a sign. Don't tan.

Yes, tights or boots would conceal it well enough. Though boots may not necessarily suit the cocktail dress, depending on what they look like :P. Or if you know the place is going to be dimly lit don't fret about it too much, unless you went -really- overboard with the tan >_>.

Wear boots!!!!!

#9, I agree but then ask yourself..what's the point of expensive clothes? Or an expensive haircut? In reality none, but some people like being tan.

theres no way to cover up sock me. i golf. its awful. and the lotions tend to turn your feet or other areas orange... so enjoy

At least your feet won't get cancer. =)

Vanity will get the best of you.