By bthms - 31/01/2010 14:46 - France

Today, I was standing in a queue when an old lady turned, looked straight at me, and asked me to hold her bag. Confused, I took a hold of it. She started screaming for help claiming I was stealing her shopping. Turns out, she was talking to her husband behind me. FML
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lucky there was no mace involved


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This is why being a good samaritan just never seems to pay!

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how can i comment on my iphone?

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fml2lie -- there's a curved arrow pointing to the left. click on that and it'll let you comment.

well I was gonna say you obviously figured out how to comment if you commented on this..but then I realized that you can comment from a XD

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Well that's why you should've asked "who me?" I would've!

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And? it's a big world, stupid pointless-to-mention events happen more than once

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lucky there was no mace involved

I <3 yur abs, but they are probably FAKIES!!!!!

ooh im gonna get a pic of a random guys abs and set it as my pic so ppl can comment and i can brag :D

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if you have to try to impress random people over the internet then you probably have a really sad and pathetic life

have u not caught on that these are all 12 year old dorks in which have no friends at school so they live a popular life thru fml. omg I'm first to comment I'm sooo cool. try bragging about that at school. even ur 3rd grade classmates will make fun of u. shirtless dude, istead of posing in a mirror all day to try and block ur face out of ur self photo, try and grow pubes. maybe then some girl will give u ur first kiss. we'll work on a bj...god knows ur not there yet

no their not fake lol y would I put a pic of fake abs after all the work I did 2 get them like this lol

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Because people are jealous and immature. I'm also 19 whoever said I'm twelve. And there are my abs. Grow up you twitty little girl. Go work out and then you can say something, until then; keep your mouth shut. Thanks, appreciate it

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agreed but u cant just have the abs u gotta have cool clothes and a cool job lots of work bein cool like me lol 

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tycubs, obviously they are insecure and have low esteem so they put pictures of their abs on fml to make themselves feel like people actually like them.

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Anyone else realise that Shystai's pic is actually of Chritiano Ronaldo?

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u shouldve told her u were just trying to help... this isn't an fml .. more like an accident or misunderstanding

Yeah, I was wondering about that too. Shopping bag? Shopping llama? Shopping bitch? Shopping rabbit's foot? What on earth is the missing worrrd...????

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lol well if this is a repeat I'm sure it could ne coincedence, I immagine this type of thing happens with some regularity

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How is this an FML? Maybe if you at the end of this thrilling tale, you were arrested...otherwise, this is just a boring misunderstanding.

You sir, fail. Most FMLs are misunderstandings. And it's REALLY awkward not to mention not their fault, and getting arrested is kind've a bad thing to... well everyone.